Opinion Changes Round 23 Vs Hawks

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Jan 27, 2018
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West Coast
In: Schofield, Duggan
Out: Sheppard, Hutchings (both injured?) ... if not, Rotham on the chopping block although I think he's decent

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Max zero

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Jul 19, 2005
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West Coast
Duggan in for Rotham (omit)
I know people want Masten for Hutchings (inj) but I would prefer Cameron.

People say we can't play Pet and Cameron at the same time but I think we can.

If you look at it stat wise:

Petruccelle averages more goals, goal assists, i50s, tackles and metres gained from less possession and less time on ground. Rioli and Cripps can cover the running (which they have done the last too weeks).

Just don't see the point of dropping our future for marginal (if any) immediate improvement.

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