Game Day Collingwood v Melbourne 7.20pm Thursday The G

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Oct 14, 2015
Free State NSW
AFL Club

maddog Murphy, AA Darce, Q

HB Maynard, Oleg Markov, 381.Pendles

C Steele, Taylor Adams, AA Jaicos

HF Bobby, Checkers, The Marking GOAT

F Jamie, McStay, Jordan DeGoey

FOL COXY, Beau McCreery, Crispy

I/C Lipa, Mitchell, Cameron, Hyphen

EMG Johnny F*cking Noble WTF!?, Macrae, Frampston, Ginni


The MFC was built on contempt of the working class, AFL welfare picks, and a blancmange of a fanbase.

Squint into the gloaming of history and it is easy to detest these mofos again.

Notable players:
Ed Langdon has a good brother.


We finished top because our combined effort across the season was strong. If we play with intensity for 3 games, we win Premiership 16.

Beau and Maynard’s tackling is heavier than Bender Goodwin’s HR file. Their spirit animal is the honey badger.

Clayton Oliver’s spirit animal is the dickhead. His clownhead begs to be tackled (surely Jakey Melksham must have been tempted to whack him after he towelled-up May?). Oliver, Petracca, and Viney must be worn like a Viking condom.

Bayley Fritsch, however, is an apex dickhead.

Crass types on this board have accused Frisch of everything from sniffing his own chair to taking up yoga to perform the job nobody else wants. Let’s stay classy. And simply wish for The Marking GOAT to leave stud divots on Bayiey's melon.

McStay and Checkers to kick 7 between them and Jamie with 3.

Darce will mark everything and Murph will survive.

Jordy to be player of the finals and Naicos to run him a close second.

Don’t be nervous – game over in the first half because of our maniacal attack on the footy.

Collingwood by 64 points

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Again, I understand people will be concerned about this result and it’s easy to be given our form over the last couple of months.

But Melbourne have beaten us twice in like 7 or 8 years and it took a LOT for them to beat us by 4 points on King’s Birthday.

I’m gonna simply have to hope that this side has been waiting impatiently for finals to start before they explode.

We’ll know this time tomorrow I guess
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Really don’t like Howe up forward. He’s a natural defensive marker. Play him where he’s most comfortable! Ughh.
Think it will be Ginni

Johnny F Noble will be gutted

Probably spend the weekend at working bees and buying ponies for sick kids
Wrapped with Gini as sub, he’s our most impactful sub by a long shot. Will turn a game coming in fresh, I reckon would be easily rattled in the first quarter when the pressure is on.

Critically we need to maintain the rage for longer than Melbourne. This is tough because I think they do it better than us. Viney is key in that regard. Similar to Selwood he sets the tone.

Gutted for Noble as he has been awesome, testament to the organisation for being such a difficult selection quandary.

I think dickhead as the OP put it, is too busy worrying about drugs and whatever else he’s distracted with…Fritsch unfit I think we have them!

Bring on tomorrow

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Maybe the doubt is good surrounding this one? Better than being complacent and thinking we will walk it in, get pumped and be absolutely devastated, as opposed to maybe winning tonight and the confidence building? It's 6am, and it's too early to be philosophising, so excuse my ranting and raving. Also, I'm sitting across from optus oval, and I think I'm already having the signs of radioactive poisoning 🤣
I’m surprisingly quite relaxed about this game. I’m going in about as confident as I ever am. I expect to see a ferocious hungry side knowing what is at stake here.
I also think Melbourne would nee Bailey Fritsch to kick a bag of 4 or 5 to manage a winning score. They’re lacking a forward line so will rely on scores from their centre clearances. This is where we need to lift. I expect we will.
Wait for the older blokes to step up. Pendles, Titch, Adams and Steele.
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