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Saintos The ITK

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Jun 6, 2010
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So the event started at 4:30, thanks to a pre-pre-review meeting at work (not joking) I got there at 4:55, hence my willingness to let anyone else partake. Found a park, there weren't many, and walked in the front door. There was a subtle sign informing me that the player sponsorship function was in the function room to the back left as you walk in (basically behind the reception desk in the below photo).


Breezed in, found boydie, found the bar where I grabbed a cider. We chatted briefly, there had been a trivia element added to this evening according to a text message sent to our main man this morning. We were table 9. I'd barely touched my drink (and after my pre-pre-review meeting, I needed it) when the boys started filtering through the back door. We grabbed our man Marcus and had a chat, Ross hadn't let them have it straight after Saturday but the review was this afternoon and a lot of areas for improvement were identified. Not the fire-breathing Ross of old it seems.

The MC took over the PA and battled the crowd that wanted to talk to the players. We were asked to find our tables and table 9 was right in front of the MC's podium. We were asked to flip over a sheet and unscramble the name of three Saints legends and answer three trivia questions (4th highest Saints goalkicker, 2009 Norm Smith medallist, oldest living Brownlow medallist). No prizes, just a timekilling activity, we had only a few minutes. Marcus unscrambled Tony Lockett, I unscrambled Stephen Milne, we all got stuck on the name with two g's. Both names were scrambled together which made it more challenging. Possibly by eavesdropping other tables, we correctly answered Stewie Loewe, Lenny Hayes and Neil Roberts. For those playing at home, the other name was Leigh Montagna.

We got 5/6 but if any team got a perfect score, no-one was paying attention. Dave Misson came to the front and was interviewed, he spoke about the difference between his previous and current time at the Saints in terms of facilities and threw in references to Melbourne where he was in between. Talk of injuries, plus also shared the frustration which the boys are feeling as much as the supporters. The MC was asking very leading questions to help him out.

We then had half an hour for photos, food and drinks. The food staff were thin on the ground and worth grabbing if they came close enough, there were steak skewers with salt (very nice, one 2 metre unit I won't name caught the girl and grabbed a skewer in each hand). Mini hotdogs that I didn't sample, ask boydie. The sliders were really good, I was hesitant as I thought "Where's the cheese?" but really, really good.

Cue Saint Watto coming over for a chat and he was able to finagle an introduction to Max King who's been on my to meet list for a while. I've admired him from afar, gee willakers he's a big unit up close. We had a great chat, punctuated by many tiny people wanting his autograph, he didn't go to the Gold Coast, he reckons 3ish weeks, he's keeping up the running but doesn't enjoy it, he and Ben aren't the same person as they've played twice, both at Metricon, we also got more details about the infamous golf injury. He was quite embarrassed by it at the time and wished that he could've claimed that it was a footy injury. Thanks Saint Watto

I grabbed another drink and boydie had found Matty Allison (who the MC managed to misname during his chat with Misson). He's studying business, that degree you do when you don't know what you want to do but know you want something more useful than Arts, and living with Mason Wood who's being an excellent role model. He hangs out with Windy and Higgo in his spare time.

The night petered to a close, boydie had a prior commitment and the boys were floating out the door. Would've liked to grab Seb (my golf buddy) or Butler (who did one of those phone calls with me during lockdown and I really needed something happy), but they were otherwise occupied. So I left.
Great write up love your work.

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Feb 14, 2012
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Well goodie23 has pretty much summed it all up so I wont add too much
Bruce Eva was the MC as pretty much always is the case with Saints events as he is a loyal Saints man.

had good chat to Windy, he actually enjoying the HB role atm, says the defence squad is really close knit and a good group to be a part of for a bit of new experience, he doesnt care where he plays, everything is about learning for him atm still.
Loving that his best mate Mitchito is doin well too

took following notes listening to Misson:
  • Good to be back for 2nd stint with Saints
  • Facilities are outstanding now compared to his first time with saints, and compared to the facilities they had at Melbourne Dees (his previous employer), whom they shared facilities with storm so bit of a juggle.
  • Met with QLD saints fan groups on the weekend, great to see the level of support from QLD saints fans
  • Every fan, sponsor, groups are so important to the club whether here or interstate
  • Review this arvo was sharp
  • youth is not an excuse despite our young side currently
Thats all i got, was only one with phone out while chatting so didnt want to be on it the whole time! haha

Great to meet fello BF poster and sponsor Saint Watto and get the intro to Winx. Bloody hell I am 6ft and a little bit and feel sufficiently short standing next to Winx and the big Moose is an even bigger unit, lets hope he comes on as he would be a monster to have out there for the Saints

Was pretty chilax event and I think the players were really good, chatting to people who werent just their sponsors etc compared to previous years where players stand in group together for most of it.

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Jul 6, 2005
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Was a good event and as pointed out by others, felt a lot more casual than the sponsor event just before the season started. Our team for the trivia competition at the start included Winx, and yes, he is a HUGE unit. At six feet tall I rarely ever feel short, but I think I hurt my neck looking up while talking to him - we never did manage to unscramble Joey's name!! We are getting taller as a team - NWM was at our table at the start as well, he must be 6'3"! THe other one that struck me size wise was Mitch Owens - I reckon he is bigger than at the start of the season and must only be about an inch shorter than Caminiti now (they were standing side by side, and there is not much in it).

Caminiti had to be one of the funnier things I have seen recently - a fairly small young woman he was chatting to had noticed the massive size of his feet and was taking a photo. Her foot was right beside his, and his foot was twice as wide and close to twice as long as her foot!! Literally the biggest feet I have ever seen on a person........


Aug 17, 2015
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You know what they say

Big feet
Big salami

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