Opinion Tell me about your “Local Legend” who could/should have made it in the AFL VFL

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Peter Hood should have made it to AFL. He plays in the Northern football league
High footy IQ Silky left foot kicks just as good on his right foot. Doesnt have much speed or pace but slows the game down when ball in hand. He has a good side step doesnt need much space or time to damage the opposition. Very crafty forward knows where the goals are & can have a run in the Mid. Knows where to be & when to be at the right times & he doesnt need much touches to have a blinder
He came 3rd in the NFL Div1 BnF of a total of 8 or so games for that year.
Multiple NFL league BnFs. Likewise again with multiple club BnFs.

Plays like a Sam mitchell / Scott pendelbury or a Jayrd Mcveigh

Made Nothern Knights U/18 but commited to local club that year.

I have no doubt he's one that could of made AFL. Footy brain wise very smart.

I could even name Johnny Hayes also & more as well.

But Peter Hood is the one that stands out for myself.
The best two players I saw in the Ovens and Murray league who didn't play AFL were Robbie Walker, a centre half forward from Wangaratta Rovers who became a midfielder later in his career, and John Brunner, a rover who played for Yarrawonga and one or two seasons for Benalla. Both played in the late 80's and 90's.

Walker won five Morris Medals (league equivalent of Bronwlow) and is widely regarded as one of the best to non VFL/AFL players to have graced the comp. Brunner won 3 Morris Medals. He was a fantastic player at that level and a fitness freak. Brunner also won multiple medals in lesser leagues before and after his O&M days.

Both tried out at league clubs - Walker played Under 19's and - I think - a few reserves games for North in the late 1980's, and Brunner was drafted by Footscray as a 24 year old in the 1989 national draft. At league level both were probably too small relative to their positions, but also both were 'country boys' who didn't enjoy the city lifestyle. That was quite common in those times when the money on offer in AFL was nowhere near what it is today, but in reality not being able to adapt to the lifestyle required is as much of an impediment as not being able to mark or kick at AFL level.
If it's the same John Brunner I know of he is still a fit bugger and a very handy tennis player.. nice guy.

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Does it count if they actually played 1 (one) AFL game ? Anyone who had anything to do with the Beck family would remember them from south west WA footy, basketball and cricket. Often struggling to make up a team due to their habit of physically attacking under performing team mates. The big man of the family Zack played one game for the Eagles but he was only the second worst scum in his family. His little brother was better at football and an even worse person but sadly for him a little midget too small for AFL

Meanwhile the dad was a total failure with the ego you would expect of someone in a small town where everyone assumes your kids will play AFL one day
2 Friends that chose a life of Marijuana and drugs instead of AFL.

They could have chose to smoke Marijuana and do drugs and play AFL. Maybe all at the same time?

I'll guess we'll never no. On with The Show.
This happened to my cousin. Played rep sides living in the country. Moved to geelong and played in the Tac cup. Early 2000s I think his draft year was 2001 or 2002. Was tall, strong and such a good player. I can't remember how many Falcons games he ended up playing. Players he had played on and with that he had been miles better than were drafted. I'm certain he would have went no later than second round. But he got into marijuana and mixing with the wrong crowd. Gave up footy some time in his draft year. It ended up altering his brain and went crazy literally. Such a sad story of what could have been. Most in the region knew of him in his short time playing locally for a local geelong side as well because he was such a talent
Grant Weeks was one I saw late in my career in the bush. Loved the farm life, so didn't really have the drive to push himself for the chance at AFL, but he kicked 100 goals a season for fun.

Certainly had the talent. He was probably in between size/speed. No sure what position he could have played in at AFL level.
Yze's brother was pretty handy, not sure why he wasn't given a go at VFL/AFL level
Jon Ward from Western Australia , heard the stories about him being scouted by fremantle but wanted to be in the farming world. Saw him play and he was every bit of what people talked about.

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