Prediction The 2019 predictions thread

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Aug 27, 2015
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In the spirit of the Hawthorn board and "what's expected" here.......... :drunk:

  • Tom Mitchell will win the Brownlow in 2019. So will James Sicily. Chad Wingard will also win it twice this year.
  • Mitchell Lewis will fulfill his namely promise & become leading goalkicker. Nevermind the Coleman, he'll jump to #1 on the all-time goalkicking list this year.
  • Shuan Burgoyne will be officially ordained a Saint by the Catholic Church. His miracle will be Q4 of the 2013 Prelim.
  • The AFL coaches association award will be renamed the Anyone But Al Medal in recognition of the petty jealousy of those 17 other deadshits.
  • Kennett will announce state government funding parity between Kardinia Park & Dingley, so our training facility will now extend down to Rosebud.
  • I will remind Geelong supporters on BigFooty they overlooked James Worpel as often as possible.
  • Will Langford will release a biography entitled "Those photos of Al"
  • The Hawks will beat Essendon* in our first final, Sydney in the second & Richmond in the GF... because Geelong making finals just isn't believable.


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Sep 26, 2015
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So I’m going to do a rd 1 expectation, a favourite/best case team with a few notes/predictions.


B: Stratton, Brand, Hardwick

HB: Birchall, Frawley, Sicily

C: Morrison, Mitchell, Smith

HF: Wingard, Gunston, Burgoyne

F: Breust, Roughead, Puopolo

R: McEvoy, O’Meara, Shiels

INT: Henderson, Impey, Worpel, Howe

Probably to be expected... Brand may be lucky here but I think it fits a “favourite” line up of Clarko & continues to goon Brand as the FB replacement for Chip or Mohr; perhaps as early as this year but definitely 2020.

Best case.... end of year

B: Stratton, Frawley, Hardwick

HB: Scrimshaw, TOB, Birchall

C: Scully, Mitchell, Smith

HF: Gunston, Sicily, Wingard

F: Breust, Lewis, Roughy

R: McEvoy, O’Meara, Shiels

INT: Worpel, Morrison, Impey, Rioli

This is always the fun part with rose coloured glasses & fingers crossed.

I have an expectation of a dominating back 6 that will have settled by mid season & our rebounding game to be at an elite level with Birch back to his best & Scrimshaw playing at a high level filling Burtons shoes.

Scully & Smith in sync with the defence & direct ball movement a result. NO LONG ******* BOMBS!

The forward line up is a direct result of a dominant back 6 & an improved midfield.
TOB to finally own a position at CHB & release Sicily forward with Birch & Scrimshaw on the flanks.

Sicily forward! (Oh my f...God! WTF??) Elite player. Big moment player. CHF til retirement.

Lewis as a FF to build around for the future, Rough to play second fiddle & pinch hit in the middle as the second ruck & get him around the ball in his last year.

Burgoyne I fear will have a simply an injury that he won’t bounce back from.

Poppy will be surpasses.

AA shirts for Sicily, Wingard, Mitchell & Hardwick

Harry Jones & Mathew Walker to get rising star nominations

Hawks to finish 3rd & play Melbourne in a finals redemption win in convincing fashion.

Hawks to win the GF over Richmond with Lewis having a bigger game than Lynch

The best til last... Rioli to return mid season at the expense of Langford & he wins the Norm Smith again.
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Niles Crane

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Nov 6, 2016
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I'd be confident taking this 22 into a final:
Stratton Frawley Hardwick
Birchall Brand Henderson
Scully Mitchell Smith
Wingard Gunston Burgoyne
Breust Roughead Sicily
McEvoy O'Meara Shiels
Impey Worpel Howe Puopolo

Depth: Schoey, Ceglar, Morrison, Mirra, TOB, Lewis, Pittonet, Nash, Cousins, Glass

Good squad
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