Oppo Camp The Bruce Award (formerly The Kerridge). Where sh!tmen dominate once a year!

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Premium Gold
Sep 3, 2012
37, 000 ft
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Milwaukee Brewers

Jordon - N7, DaveyBoy123, big_e, andana
Spargo - Snake Baker, giantroo, ferball, Harris 10, RossHenshaw
Melksham - muttley45, tennisplayerandy, north_lad, CharlieMortdecai, roos_fanatic08, Wild Kangaroo, Krakouers85, Uncle_Leo
Hibberd - shinboner magic
Hunt - see see, Hojuman, Ashley B, Luke72
Near-Bulleen - Flawed Genius, TwinkleToes, Kangaroos4eva

Jordon 92

Spargo 89 (with the, Failed to be a father-son multiplier)
Melksham 86 (Former * faux tough guy multiplier)
Hibberd 79
Hunt 48
Near-Bulleen 26

A heap of posters had Fritsch, BBB and Pickett - all of whom were ineligible.

Congrats ladies and gents on your winnings!

Ashley B

Premiership Player
Mar 3, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
North Melbourne
To get more interest first prize should be a bunch of the new cryptocurrency .We have had Kanga tech, introducing Kangacoin.Not sure what it’s worth currently but future looks bright.An image of the new must have coin would be great too.

Luca Toni Time

Senior List
Mar 28, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Tyler’s brother Callum to kick 7 and to dispel rumours that he is the worst F&S since Cameron Cloke. Is there a current NM coach / son plays for opposition multiplier? A few options for this multiplier this week if Tyler gets a run.

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