The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - KUZ CONTROL


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Dec 7, 2012
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My guess is that Howard is on the team until Tristan Thompson is waived at the deadline, then we’ll cut Dwight and sign TT

Non-guaranteed means to me that Dwight won’t have a prolonged stay here
Yep. It looks like they are hoping for the best but have a decent back-up plan if Howard doesnt work out. Potentially a finishing unit of Howard, Davis, James, Bradley and Green could be great defensively to close out games. With James and Davis to play a two man game on offence late in games Howard to stay near the bucket for lob passes Green and Bradley on the perimeter. Unfortunately lots of things look great on paper that dont work out when egos and injuries get in the way. How well James plays defence in big games is one of the biggest question marks. He could be great if he isnt as worn down as he has been in the last two years or he could be terrible if he's still battling injuries and conserving energy in games. No Cousins probaly means Davis will shoot a bit more from the outside in offensive sets as McGee and provided his back to full fitness Howard play close to the bucket. I read a scouting report on Davis that said he hits threes at just under 40% in catch and shoot situations, but is far worse off the dribble. Potentially with James penetrating he should be able to hit career highs in threes.

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