Transfer discussion thread

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Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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so many nuanced parts to this. It’s a build up over many years.

For a long while was bambi on ice, no better than Assou-Ekotto and who could forget the abuse he, and the club copped for his new deal in 2014.

Something he never forgot about, and deep down probably resented. Fans can be cruel sometimes. Abuse you one minute then sing your name when you become good.

He spoke out at the club over a perceived lack of ambition in 2017, and in hindsight he should have been sold then. Pochettino was too loyal to the star he made, and too forgiving.

I have little sympathy for what’s become of him, he’s made a rod for his own back in many regards. Boils down to jealousy and envy that his great mate Walker got the big money move that won him cups and titles, and he didn’t. Lost his head, his form and now his squad place.

Ironically now that he’s persona non grata at the club, serving the last months of his contract, we are now positioned to be ambitious, as he watches on from the U23s.

This would all be over had he swallowed his pride and accepted a move to a club befitting his 2020 stature, but in his head he believes he’s at the level that clubs like Milan would be interested in him.

However, I do sympathise with the impact years of racial abuse and injustice has done to his mental state. He, and many others, deserve better.
It’s a terrible deal like maybe you could pass it off as good if the buy back was for double what you paid but you’re basically being paid to loan him unless he flops
One key thing to remember, Reguilon would have to want to leave. If we make it a place he wants to stay at Madrid is unlikely to have an incentive to pursue a buy back for a settled player.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 5, 2004
Austin, Texas
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Benrahima getting announced tomorrow. 30M deal. Again, would have just kept Diangana, but David Sullivan has to help his old mate Will Salthouse out....

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