Roast Vents and Regrets (2020 Edition)

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kool kangas

Club Legend
Sep 2, 2007
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North Melbourne
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North Melbourne Vfl
l had 7 outs in Round 17 and naturally lost every league and got knocked out. Round 18 l had the " dont care attitude" and didnt even look at my team until late today. l had all players 100+ points bar 1 on 67 then looked and had Coniglio sitting on bench without the (E) on him. Another 100+ point gone. This was looking as my best score for the season.... :'(

Sydney Kicker

Premiership Player
Jan 18, 2015
AFL Club
God I hate Neale. Kills it all season when I don't have him in SC. Then in the finals when there's no SC and you actually want the Lions to win he gets less of it than Leon Davis. Probably exhausted from his 98% tog and chasing cheap possessions all season. Hope he finishes 100th in the Brownlow. Poor mans Tom Rockliff.

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La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
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Manchester City, Boston Bruins
Going a bunch of mid pricers for the third or forth year in a row probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Achieved some good results in the past, but unless the MPP are smashing it out of the park, it’s better to back the conservative guns and rooks strategy and keep a careful eye on options to trade in.

Coniglio was bad, probably went a year too early on McCluggage, Yeo was a disaster...

It’s nice to probe around the margins and bring in players to build an incrementally better team, but there’s so much variation in rookie scoring it often all leads to nothing. The number of times I’ve brought in a cheap 100+ scoring mid for the rookie to outscore then in consecutive weeks was pretty amazing.

Unless you are bringing a player in with big scoring potential, it’s just not worth the trade.

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