Welcome Welcome to Richmond - Thomson Dow

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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
AFL Club
This is what I like to hear coming from our young draftees... :heart:
Not only will they be honed in skill by an excellent group of Coaches...they will also...

...“That’s the best part about it I reckon, there are some superstars at the club,” Dow said.
To be able to train and potentially play with them is unreal in itself, so that would definitely make me a better player and improve my footy".

be tutored by some of the best footy stars and legends in the game! Fancy having Dusty around you...Cotch, Rance and JR8 in your ear...
Cousins apparently was very good for Cotchin, Martin etc. to train with. even if he was a bit of a headcase he was professional at training and worked hard leading a good example.

Ross, RCD, Dow, Cumberland etc. are very luck to have the senior richmond players to work with

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Grand Poohbah of Ganymede
Oct 25, 2006
from the hinterlands of sri lanka and tibet
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B.S.C youngboys.. Borussia Dortmund
Dirty Mo should have just worn a carlton polo in that clip, called him paddy dow then let his carlton leak about Philp come through and tried to insinuate cos of similar athletic profile it was clearly a similar pick therefore we wanted Philp.
Is riley related to western bulldog coach

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Stan Judkins

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 14, 2018
AFL Club
many middling players have won flags, thats how team sports work

ellis is sh*t. its a blessing he is no longer a richmond player [imho]
That's harsh Marcel, didn't you see that fantastic left foot shot on goal at the Punt Rd end 2nd Q of the GF?
Went exactly where he wanted, out on the full, GWS kicked in, Sheds kicked back in, Riewoldt free = goal, perfect Ellis play
The guy will be sorely missed

Mr Unbelievable

Club Legend
Nov 27, 2014
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Yep roll over to the blues thread and it's clear that they took our player AGAIN
We beat Richmond in the draft, yay!
Typical sad bluebaggers ....
They try to win the draft round 1 grand final against us,
Just like their home and away round 1 grand-final ....
We cannot discuss actual finals ... because ... well ... like I sad .... sad bluebaggers


Club Legend
Aug 21, 2009
AFL Club
Typical sad bluebaggers ....
They try to win the draft round 1 grand final against us,
Just like their home and away round 1 grand-final ....
We cannot discuss actual finals ... because ... well ... like I sad .... sad bluebaggers
They've got the navy blues. They've got the sad old navy blues.


Premiership Player
Jan 1, 2005
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Knew little about this kid so probably should not complain mainly because i had my eyes on the bigger mids in the draft. I thought Robertson the best player left at our pick and was very surprised he was still there.
Liked Rivers for a fair while now as well. Stephens Philp Georgiades all went earlier than i thought, was optimistic one would last to our next picks but deep down knew they wouldnt hence wanting us to try and trade up. Have to admit i thought at pick 15 there was a very good chance one of Stephens, Kemp, DeKoning may get to us as well as Robertson with our first.

Was pick 22 end of first rnd start of second rnd the pick we thought we would get for Ellis?. what a shame if so, some damn good players left around that pick.

Good luck to the kid looks to have plenty of good traits with the brief look ive had at him and will now have to do some homework on him.


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 14, 2009
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View attachment 788083

Dow looks huge (tall)

Ralphsmith is listed @ 186 - Caddy/Ross height
I saw a profile on him that listed him at 184cm not 182cm. Seems about right.

Exciting highlights package. For reference I watched Robertson's highlights and he is very ungainly, slow looking with a weird ball drop. I can see why we didn't pick him with Graham already here.


R.I.P Shane Tuck 21
Dec 28, 2007
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Richmond 2019 Premiers
Pre draft 2017 Cal Twomey phantom draft

Ht 184cm Wt 78kg DOB 16/10/1999
From Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country


Height 187 cm Weight 83 kg

Personally i think Thomson will end up the same height / weight as his brother

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