2013 Western Bulldogs Mock Draft

Fossie 32

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Oct 6, 2002
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Port Adelaide: Pick 48
Ben Cavarra (VIC – Mid)
Height: 173cm, Weight: 69kg, DOB: 20/12/1995
Recruited from: Eastern Ranges

Profile: One of the best performed midfielders in this draft and has been dominant for some time now. Cavarra is one of the elite runners in the TAC and he never seems to run out of energy as one of those little energiser bunnies who seems to be at it all game long just running and running. Cavarra wins a combination of inside and outside ball and is an on field general barking out instructions and leading his team through his actions and words which is impressive for a young draft prospect.

GoDoggies Your Up!
Came on here to see where he was rated - BOG in the TAC Cup :cool:

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Apr 18, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
Pick 50 - Geelong

Ben Brown

Amazing contested mark, amazing athlete and a solid shot for goal that only seems to be improving, skys the limit. If he came to the bulldogs he would be my favorite player tied with Stringer.

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Chris Grant

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Jul 9, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Pick 51 - Tom Cutler

Someone I rate quite highly as that key defender/3rd tall. Can either play a lock down role or a play as an attacking player. Very quick for his size with good agility. I have this guy going in the 20's so I'm extremely happy to get him here.


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Aug 20, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
Pick 53:

Jake Kolodjashnij (TAS – KPD/Util)
Height: 192cm, Weight: 88kg, DOB: 09/08/1995
Recruited from: Launceston
Style: Ryan Shoenmakers
Player comparison:
Range: 30-rookie
Profile: The brother of Kade, Jake is a completely different player. Jake is a defender with a strong body and the ability to shut down opposition forwards or play as a rebounder as required. What I like with Jake is his versatility and ability to play a number of roles either as a key defender or even as more of a rebounder off a back flank. But in saying that I’m not yet sold on him in any one role. As a key defender despite his size he can struggle 1v1 and also struggle when the ball hits the deck with that second effort not yet there.



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Oct 10, 2007
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Pick 54 Melbourne - Chris Cain

Not a lot left in draft so priority for Melbourne will be to have someone who can immediately boost their midfield. Cain is one of best performing VFL midfielders this year playing at Port Melbourne, has good speed and agility and is very good in tight in clearances and moving through congestion, is also able to hit scoreboard as a midfielder. At 26 is a little older than they would normally go for, but would hope he can bridge some gaps and take some heat off their new batch until they blossom.

Snarls Barkley

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Jun 7, 2012
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Really just guessing at this point.

Pick 55- St Kilda: Dwayne Wilson

Knightmare says:

Dwayne Wilson (SA – Mid/Fwd)
Height: 178cm, Weight: 75kg, DOB: 17/01/1995
Recruited from: Sturt
Style: Danyle Pearce
Player comparison:
Range: 30-rookie
Profile: Wilson is a very damaging outside player who you just want the ball in the hands of. Has some genuine linebreaking pace and really takes the game on but then also has the damaging footskills to go with it. Has some penetration on his kick and on a wing any time he gets forward of centre he loves a goal and generally hits the scoreboard really doing some damage. He will need to get stronger and start winning his own ball more as he can really go quiet for stretches of games and lack consistency from game to game but when he’s up and going he can get his hands on it he’ll break games open.


Dec 6, 2005
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Pick 56 - Charlie Cameron
178cm, 68kgs

Yeah he's little, but he plays FP/BP and there's nothing wrong with a quick, agile kid who tackles. Hard. He's from a union background I believe, and really at this point I was looking for a kid that B-Mac would love. Probably pegged more as a rookie selection but attitude and ticker are all top notch and given report we're looking at Nahas (1) we clearly want another small goalsneak on the list.
Pace, attitude, goal sense - all tick. Forget trading for smalls - this kid has been playing against men in the WAFL and I'm far more comfortable taking this kid here.



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Aug 10, 2009
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Pick 57 - Gold Coast

Suprised noone has taken up this kid yet... (should have been my 30 somthing pick)

Toby Nankervis
Weight: 100kg
Team/Club: TAS/North Launceston
Position: Ruck/Forward
Player Comparison: Dean Cox
Draft Range: 20-50

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for Toby Nankervis. After bursting onto the scene in last year’s National Championships – it was easy to see that Nankervis had a truck load of natural talent and ability, but still had areas of his game that required further development. In the 2012 National Draft, Nankervis was overlooked, and again in the Preseason and Rookie drafts, which sent home a few “home truths” that clubs felt as though initially he wasn’t even worth a rookie spot, used predominately for development players. He can count himself a bit stiff, given he finished equal-fifth in the clean hands category at the combine, as well as equal-fourth in the goal-kicking test – those stats are key indicators for AFL quality ruckmen. Fast forward to 2013, and Nankervis is a different player, in fact – he can now class himself “elite” after a stellar championships saw him finish with All Australian Honours and the prodigious Harrison Medal (Div 2 best and fairest), in which he jointly won. Nankervis came into the championships wanting to prove himself, and he’s done exactly that – he has impacted in every game he played for Tasmania this year, and arguably was Tasmania’s most important player. Nankervis is a beast, at a touch under 2 metres tall, and weighing in at 100kgs – Nankervis is physically imposing, he has an extremely good endurance base which allows him to move around the ground with ease, playing the number 1 ruck role. Nankervis dominates at the hit outs, racks up abnormally large amounts of the football and is a machine up forward; he is the modern day ruckman. Toby Nankervis is a Darren Jolly (think 2005-2010), type of player. Owns the hit outs, runs all day, and is a brilliant mark and kick for goal – one you can pencil in before it’s kicked. Nankervis also uses his body size to his advantage, he is physical in the air, and loves to crash and bash through packs, and tackles hard. Nankervis’ draft stocks have dramatically risen after a faultless championships, however history tells us that clubs tend to steer clear of using their first round picks on rucks, which may see Nankervis taken in the second to third rounds, but do not discount a club spending a late first round pick on him – the upside here is enormous.


Body size and shape, he incredibly filled out for a player of his size, and is extremely mobile for his height and weight. Considered to be this year’s best if not second best ruck prospect and his ability to be a dangerous forward target is what makes him so much of a weapon. Rucks extremely well, throws his weight around, likes to tackle, has strong hands in a contest and has a serious competitive edge


Athletic ability might be Nankervis’ biggest issue. He was overlooked in last year’s draft, and wasn’t considered good enough to be worth a rookie spot which speaks volumes about his development this year. He needs to build up his endurance and agility as he is very much a “straight forward runner”.


*edit - maybe we (The Dogs) should look at this kid?

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