2018 Fantasy/Supercoach/Dreamteam - Opposition supporters post your questions here

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Aug 17, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
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GC Suns
Very lucky to win this year. A very Clarke Keating like performance if Im honest. PHammers and Rayner Shine very strong all year.
DT - Went to hard early and burnt to many useless trades once again, finished the final round with Gaff, Rocky and Witho on the pine, got what I deserved in the end....still finished 274th overall so not completely unhappy.

AF - Was crappy luck the last few rounds, every one of my last 6-8 trades seemed like a dud move - Witho injured cost me the Prelim, Zorko's last three games were horrendous (of course as soon as I traded him in - should have gone Beams), Oliver didn't ton up for me, Ablett was subpar after I traded him in etc... finished 654th overall after being about to break into the top 100 with a few rounds to go was disappointing.

A pleasure to play with all you gents - always a challenge.

Congrats to all the winners.

Looking forward with masochistic glee to some more painful fun next season!
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