Universal Love 2019 Brownlow thread: kicks off 7.30pm, count 8.20pm.

Who will win Chas

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Jun 21, 2011
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Why do people care what some nobody wag is wearing?
Welcome to the world of the internet & forums, different people have different interests & opinions on things, and that can include things such as the Brownlow red carpet. Personally, not my taste but I do know that there's plenty who do enjoy watching that aspect of the night with the opportunity of seeing what the men of the AFL & their partners are wearing - probably more so what the partners are wearing.

I know that most of us are still frustrated of the events from last night and the way our season finished, but surely we don't need to bring negativity to a harmless thread. So may I suggest for those of us who are not as interested in things such as pretty dresses, we are most welcome to ignore this thread during the early part of the discussion and check on things later on Monday night at say 9pm or so once the count is well underway

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Feb 2, 2011
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Can't wait for the people who call Danger selfish and only cares about personal awards once he wins the Brownlow again.
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