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year of the roo

Brownlow Medallist
May 12, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
No they weren't.

They weren't great, but most people on this board don't watch games, they watch the movie their preconceptions are playing in their heads. He was tenth for average score involvements, third for goal assists per game and led the club for average tackles inside 50 in 2017. By two of those measures he was amongst the best at the club even then.

A few games ago people were claiming one of Masons sh*t handballs was Jed's
Ffs. People see what they are conditioned to see, if the echo chamber says he is a turnover merchant that is what people look for.

Eg. This year he is second for disposals per game, behind Higgo. Yet LDU, JY, Frog, and the late Jasper Pittard all averaged more turnovers per game, as did Higgo.
Yeah OK pal

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