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Sep 13, 2011
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North Melbourne
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I wasn't.

Even when people were writing him off he was always involved in scoring chains. He made plenty of tackles and physical pressure and often won contests that led to scoring opportunities for us. He didn't get it a lot but very little of what he did was wasted.
It’s all good 👍
I think we paid overs at the time, always questions with someone like that
he’s been a handy player though, not the worst but hoping other players will overtake him
Love his aggression


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Dec 23, 2002
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North Melbourne
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There can be only one...
I’m absolutely fine with him going.
Up until his last couple of games this year I thought he was gone. He seemed to perform well at the end, and it seemed likely that they might have kept him for one more as a transition piece.
I love the club have cut deep, I would trade BBB, Polec, and maybe one other “untradeable” player to facilitate loading up in the next two drafts.

in addition, JMac offered way more in his last 2 games this year than Ziebs has offered all season... don’t think he is far off getting the boot too.
i thought Macmillan competed well in the one-on-ones this year, which was a weakness under Scott.

I agree, Ziebs has done fu** all this year. The only way he gets the arse is if they give the captaincy to someone else next year and some of the younger players take big step forwards. I still think he is capable of giving us 25-30 goals, but it isn't going to happen if we struggle to move the ball forwards and he keeps missing shots from dead in front.

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