Live Event 2021 AFL National Draft discussion thread

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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
AFL Club
Have to agree with this. Sure Sonsie was rated high, but he can’t skip this far and still be called a top 10 talent, can he?

I'd argue bolton and balta were top 10 talents even if not selected that high in their draft pools.

Hopefully sonsie turns out the same.

Anyway. Looks like a nice result for hawthorn congrats


Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2018
Central Coast
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Eels, Pistons, CC Mariners
Happy household here with Ned Long being taken. Mr 16 is extremely excited by this... two players from his club now playing for the Hawks!
My mates son Jack Peris just got announced as a Cat B rookie for St Kilda. His mum is Nova Peris so you can just imagine how fast the kid is. He's been training with Cyril leading up to the draft.

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Pie 4 Life

Premium Platinum
Oct 5, 2003
Dragon Island
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Dragons FFC
Hawktalk Podcast just tweeted that Haasbroek has been made a Cat B rookie
Ive since found out he hasn’t and that’s my fault. The NGA rules in past years have been that anyone nominated as a NGA is automatically listed as a Cat B rookie. We’d pre-prepared the announcement as there had not been a clear note that rules had changed at any stage. Northern Academy you could nominate and not need to do anything, but F/S and NGA you had to take them if they weren’t bid on. As the rest of the Cat B announcements started dropping, we posted them one by one, then got a message from the club saying they hadn’t listed him so I’ve asked them for clarification on the rule as it has certainly changed at some point. It might have changed a while back but clubs only nominated those they were taking anyway, but either way it would be so much better to have them in fine print. As I said end of day that was my fault and we corrected it to let the HT Podcast know, so apologies.

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