Prediction 2021 Fixture

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The Dude Abides
Jul 26, 2006
AFL Club
St Kilda
Round nine
Friday, May 14
St Kilda v Geelong at Marvel Stadium, 7.50pm AEST

Saturday, May 15
Sydney v Collingwood at the SCG, 1.45pm AEST
Hawthorn v North Melbourne at University of Tasmania Stadium, 2.10pm AEST
Gold Coast v Brisbane at Metricon Stadium, 4.35pm AEST
Richmond v GWS Giants at Marvel Stadium, 7.25pm AEST
Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs at Adelaide Oval, 7.10pm ACST

Sunday, May 16
Essendon v Fremantle at Marvel Stadium, 1.10pm AEST
Melbourne v Carlton at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST
West Coast v Adelaide at Optus Stadium, 2.40pm AWST

Round 10
Friday, May 21
Brisbane v Richmond at the Gabba, 7.50pm AEST

Saturday, May 22
Carlton v Hawthorn at the MCG, 1.45pm AEST
Geelong v Gold Coast at GMHBA Stadium, 2.10pm AEST
Western Bulldogs v St Kilda at Marvel Stadium, 4.35pm AEST
Adelaide v Melbourne at Adelaide Oval, 7.10pm ACST
Fremantle v Sydney at Optus Stadium, 5.40pm AWST

Sunday, May 23
GWS Giants v West Coast at Giants Stadium, 1.10pm AEST
Collingwood v Port Adelaide at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST
Essendon v North Melbourne at Marvel Stadium, 4.40pm AEST

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Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
We are getting gifted some seriously good slots this year. We need to show the afl we aren’t a waste of prime time spots or we will be stuck on Sunday’s next year


Club Legend
May 20, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Well if these two slots produce two more 80 point shalackings I think we can kiss prime time goodbye for the foreseeable future. No pressure on the team though :p


Premium Platinum
Oct 16, 2016
Melbourne CBD
AFL Club
St Kilda
2018 versus 2021 - there are some eerie similarities here.

2017 - Show some good form and narrowly miss finals - appear to be on right track. Expected to rise in 2018.
2020 - Show some good form and win a final - appear to be on right track. Expected to rise in 2021.

Round one 2018 - Defeat Brisbane unconvincingly
Round one 2021 - Defeat GWS unconvincingly

Round two 2018 - Massive upset to underwhelming North melbourne playing terrible football - practically the entire supporter base loses faith after being thumped - followed up by a thumping loss at home to reigning grand finalists Adelaide (fair enough)
1-2 on Ladder with percentage of 73. The one team we defeated sits second last with no wins and has a percentage higher than ours.

Round two and three 2021 - Massive upset to Melbourne playing terrible football followed by an even worse performance against what looks like a bottom four side with VFL standard team in Essendon - practically the entire supporter base loses faith after a disastrous display.
1-2 on Ladder with percentage of 72.8. The one team we defeated sits second last with no wins and has a percentage higher than ours.

The next win we had in 2018 was in round 13 against Gold Coast. We also had a draw in round six to GWS.
The season included the following stretch of games (2018 positions in brackets):
Round 4 - Geelong (8th) [12th after round 3]
Round 5 -GWS (6th) [2nd]
Round 6 - Hawthorn (5th) [8th]
Round 7 - Melbourne (4th) [4th]
Round 8 - Fremantle (14th) [10th]
Round 9 - Collingwood (2nd) [14th]
Round 10 - Richmond (3rd) [9th]
Round 11 - West Coast (1st) [5th]
Round 12 - Sydney (7th) [7th]
Round 13 - Gold Coast (17th) [6th]

Now while we can't speak for how the teams will finish until round 13 this year - let's look at where they are currently on the ladder
Round 4 - West Coast (5th)
Round 5 - Richmond (6th)
Round 6 - Port Adelaide (4th)
Round 7 - Hawthorn (14th)
Round 8 - Gold Coast (9th)
Round 9 - Geelong (7th)
Round 10 - Bulldogs (1st)
Round 11 - North (18th)
Round 12 - Sydney (2nd)
Round 13 - Adelaide (8th)

Only four teams in each year in the stretch from 4-13 were currently out of the eight after three rounds
IN 2018 this correlated with PLAYING EVERY SINGLE EVENTUAL FINALIST. The only two teams that didn't make finals we played at their home ground.
IN 2021 I predict 6 of these teams will finish in the eight - Hawthorn, Gold Coast, North and Adelaide to miss out

Hopefully we can turn it around but that's also what we were saying in 2018 every week.....

Also we did sneak a draw in 2018 - so that's the comparison.

Going to keep quoting and editing this post every week to see where we stand but my prediction is we'll be winning our third game of the year in round 13.
Well that's not as bad as i thought it was going to be


Hall of Famer
Mar 19, 2008
Narre Warren North
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Can't believe we got a Friday night game against Geelong.

This could be a disaster.

But it won't. Saints by 35 points in a completely dominant performance against these arrogant old fks.
Its obviously going to be the week Clavarino is selected to debut, up against Hawkins with predictable results.

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Roddy Grant

Tier 5 ITK - formerly Indie Rock
Jan 24, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Trail Blazers | St Johnstone
No it's the kiss of death, they always think Carlton is about to get good and schedule them a heap of prime slots. The AFL just works in odd ways.
AFL: Maybe it will motivate them to perform

St Kilda: Everybody is going to be watching us!


Club Legend
Jun 24, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
I think the Geelong game on the Friday night will be when our season either sinks or swims. If they don’t show up to that game, season over.
I think it's quite good fixturing by the AFL tbh - the reason your Cornes, Lyons et al get stuck in is because (a) it's easy and (b) they do absolutely no prep whatsoever. So this is a bold claim, but we should be either 5 - 3 or 4 - 4; as bad as we've been, I do not see us losing to Hawks and GC, assuming Marshall plays the next three.

Geelong have WC at home, Sydney away and then Richmond at the G. They could be anyway from 6 - 2 (v. unlikely) to losing the next three; I reckon they'll be 4-4 or 3-5 tbh.

There will be a lot of pressure on one or both clubs come R9 and in that context I think a Friday night makes a lot of sense.


The Dude Abides
Jul 26, 2006
AFL Club
St Kilda
Round 4-6 2018
Smashed by Geelong by 46 points
Drew gws
Comfortable 35 point win by hawks over us
Ladder position: 16th
Points: 6
Percentage: 71.1

round 4-6 2021
Somehow sucked slightly less than west coast and able to beat them
Slaughtered by richmond by 86 points.
Smashed by port by 54 points.

position: 16th
Points: 8
Percentage: 67


coming up we have:

Hawthorn at home (2 wins, 15th)
Gold Coast away (2 wins, 11th)
Geelong at home (4 wins, 4th)
Bulldogs at home kinda (6 wins, 1st)

Rounds 7-10 in 2018 were:
Melbourne home (11th at round 6)
Freo away (12th)
Collingwood (10th)
Richmond (1st)

See you in a month to relive this interesting stretch.

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