Autopsy 2022 Round 13 - North Melbourne v GWS Giants, Sunday 12 June, 3:20 PM @ Marvel Stadium

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Jan 26, 2014
AFL Club
Difficult times for the Kangaroos and I know Paul Roos was helping out but with his US visa situation he is mostly in Hawaii apparently they need an experienced senior asap to help the players development

I will say Roos players aim to hurt the Giants last year was similar with crunching tackles and I do hope JHF cops a ban for his cheap shot on Kelly
Will have to wait on the report in Perryman but hopefully he is ok and no serious damage was done

Is everyone on the Peatling bandwagon (20+ goals this year hopefully)

HH wont have another easy game like that in his career but shows what he can do and hopefully the coaches leave him in defence

The defenders stats were padded out by the last 5 minutes chip mark that they played but getting the ball in their hands was just wasting time and I think it helped get Whitfield on the ball and he just has a habit of a few steps too far or spatial awareness as he gets caught on a regular basis and hoping he can get back to his best this season

Frustrating night for Hogan but I think the Roos defenders matched up on him very well and he did take a couple of good marks and hopefully he learns from this game and next weekend he comes out firing

Not sure if it is injury or confidence with Greene but he did give a goal off to HH and another who will want a big game this weekend v the Dogs

The ugly is Idun and his disposal, lacking confidence and getting beaten more or caught out of position so not sure if he needs a rest after the bye but every game so far this year but with some confidence

Good to see Coniglio and Bruhn play so well although taking into account the oppositions defensive accountability it is not showing that much but hopefully they can back it up this weekend

Perryman will be a loss and not sure on Flynn but he may need a rest/general soreness/possible leg injury from the last minute of the game

Idun Taylor Haynes
Cumming HH Whitfield
Ash Ward Kelly
Bruhn Riccardi MDB
Peatling Hogan Greene
Preuss Coniglio Green
Sproule/Briggs XOH Wehr Kennedy

Difficult with the rucks with English so mobile and none of the 3 rucks similar so it may mean Sproule stays in for that factor

Hoping for Taranto but he may need more time and that could open the door for Hamilton as Medi-sub

Giant Pete

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 17, 2013
AFL Club
Idun Taylor Cumming
HH Keeffe Kennedy
Ash Kelly Whitfield
Greene Riccardi Bruhn
Peatling Hogan MDB

Preuss Green Cogs

Ward Ash Wehr Flynn

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