Adelaide Crows 2021 List Management thread

Will the Crows pick up any of these players in the off-season?

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George Kramer

Club Legend
Aug 30, 2021
AFL Club
Nah... George has been around long enough. EC couldn't go 2 days without baiting me.
From my understanding you had EC on ignore so how would you know if he baited you? Besides my understanding was he wasn't baiting but it was having your opinion scrutinised which up set you.

Also your posting may have improved, a little ;)


Horne of plenty
Nov 1, 2012
AFL Club
Maybe go find something that else that makes you happy then? Doesn't sound like 'supporting' a footy club agrees with you at all. It's not some sort of balanced relationship where the club owes you something on an frequent/equal basis. Your dissatisfaction seems to manifest itself into negativity ad nauseam, i reckon you're months away from Opus Dei membership just so you can flagellate yourself every time a positive thought arrives.
Imagine referencing Dan Brown and thinking it made you sound literate.

peak crayon

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Bearded Clam

Premium Platinum
Oct 13, 2017
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Liverpool, Glenelg,
Is that exactly what dawson said for months on end..

money talks and bullshit walks.. if Adelaide offer a one hundred or two hundred thousand more a year than the pies do then maynard will quickly change his thoughts on moving..

though.. pies will probably be able to match if de goey is dumped.. it will free up space in their salary cap..

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 6, 2010
AFL Club
I can confirm a little known secret of the Adelaide forum.

The secret is: I am, in fact, every single poster on the Adelaide board. Except Vader. Who has me on ignore anyway.

It is hard logging on to all the different accounts using different IPs, but what can I say? I just love playing arguing with myself.
I do love being your most intelligent personality

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