Biggest what-if in the AFL this decade

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Feb 28, 2007
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Not sure it is a massive what if or anything but I do wonder how things would have been different had Joe Danniher picked the Swans instead of Essendon in his draft year. Would the Swans have signed Buddy, would we have signed Tippett.

Power Raid

Oct 15, 2004
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Port Adelaide
what if Port kicked one more goal against the Hawks to get into the GF

If only Moore kicked straight, if only Neade wasn't 3 feet tall and took the mark, if only ebert's kick wasn't smothered..............if only the hawks weren't just better on the day!

Since then.........if only we didn't resign Ken, recuruit Watts, Rockcliff, Motlop, Trengove, Thomas and every other old guy

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