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Nov 7, 2007
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From a well-respected TC poster

Take it for what you will,Shiel is Victoria bound and if the Blues pony up the cash,he is ours............indisputable fact..........what sort of dollars he wants i don't know,but his preference is us.......Fact again...........take it too the bank

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Jan 22, 2015
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SOS confident he can get other clubs to overpay to upgrade to our first round pick, whatever that ends up being (especially if it's #1 or #2). Will make a play for Dylan Shiel this year again confident we can get him for unders given GWS has salary cap pressure going into 2019 and know they won't be able to retain him from 2020 onwards.

Edited to add: SOS will happily walk away from shiel this year if it doesn't pan out. Senior players would like to get more support in sooner rather than later though

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Oct 1, 2010
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Not a Bluemour more of an AFLmour but follows on from the SOS interview.

AFL considering increasing the percentage teams can be under the cap by up to 10%. AFL not happy that teams are taking cap dumps to get to the bottom but acknowledge no better way to not burden your team with long term contracts.

AFL has spoken to NBL and A-League about their marquee player contract rules and how it could help perennial strugglers.

Source: NBL employee who would be involved in those sorts of discussions


Apr 13, 2016
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Little rumour, but pretty sure I’ll never have the chance to share much, if at all, here.

Spoke to a relative of Tom Scully’s at a footy function Saturday. Said he wanted to and still wants to come back to Melbourne. Signed on with GWS on the hunt for a premiership with his teammates there.

Likes Carlton and had/still has interest, but family are big Richmond supporters. Also his injury isn’t progressing very well and has had set backs with infections.

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Jun 24, 2005
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There is certainly a question mark over Harry’s attitude. I’ve heard that his behaviour around the club after he kicked 4 against the Eagles (which wasn’t exactly a masterclass) was particularly arrogant. I don’t think that he’s a bad kid at all - it seems more a form of false bravado - but he does need to mature.

It’s an old tidbit, but we made sure Dow would make it to pick 3 last year. We worked with him and his management to get him to Carlton and it was made clear that he didn’t want to leave Victoria (eg he wouldn’t stay interstate if, say, Freo picked him - similar to what they’re experiencing with Cerra. Who by the way was a huge & well known go-home risk when they drafted him). Whether they would’ve taken him anyway, who knows, but it’s great to see that sort of hustle.

Lastly, if we do trade for Shiel, our preference is a future pick.

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Oct 17, 2014
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Excuse the intrusion but just passing on some info I have heard from someone I know who is close with the Darcy Moore camp.

Darcy Moore is all but gone to the Swans.
Collingwood are desperate for some help in the backline.
Carlton are interested in Jake Lloyd.
Collingwood are not interested in adding any current Sydney players apart for ones that Sydney have deemed untouchable.
Carlton might get involved to please Collingwoods needs.

Didn't hear any specific names but you would think Wietering, Jones or Plowman.

I am usually a reader and not a poster but this is some pretty good info I have been told.


Aug 26, 2004
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Sorry for the intrusion. Minor piece of information that has been handed to me.

Carlton met with Sam Collins (ex Freo Defender currently at Werribee) earlier this week. You (along with GC) have shown genuine interest in picking him up.

All the best for the rest of the year.


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