Preview Changes round 22 v Carlton

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Proper Gander

Owl whisperer and secret agent
Feb 15, 2015
South Yarra
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Mt Buller Demons
If Cripps didn’t bump anyone high, then I’m not sure what other blokes are getting suspended for.

The whole things feels very Douglas Adams. Any moment now man will try to prove that black is white before getting himself killed on the next zebra crossing


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 3, 2010
AFL Club
I said it earlier it's the Rioli situation again, Rioli got off for a much worse action imo and got off because they argued he was contesting the ball. Cripps is the same but the reason he got done was the outcome. Rioli cannoned into Rowell but was lucky nothing happened where cripps came from side on but ended up concussing the opposition player.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 18, 2005
AFL Club
This is the beginning of Carlton's fairytale finals run
There’s no ******* way Carlton wins.

Demons by 40. They’ll be reeling after the Pies loss. If they do lose they can GAGF because they’ll have wasted the year and top 4.


100-7 🏆
Aug 12, 2017
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Orlando Magic
Just go head to head and back our mids to win the overall battle.
Agreed. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw >> Pittonet, Cripps, Walsh, Cerra, Fisher.

As always, the key will be giving our forwards half a chance with our entries. That, and hopefully our backline can repel the odd attack this week.

Dark Avenger

Club Legend
May 3, 2014
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Who will pick up crisp? We have no one the size and he generally has a field day

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Crusty Demon

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2009
Ferntree Gully
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Leeds United
I can see Curnow playing a blinder against us. Cripps loves playing us as well. Annihilated our #1 midfield preseason. Pittonet is a very good in for them as well IMO. Rucks like him do well against Max. Carlton backs to the wall stuff coming up. I still think we win and should win, but wouldn't be overly surprised if we lose this.


Club Legend
Mar 16, 2011
AFL Club
AMW got the spicy cough. Keep tabs on Koz, Jacko and some others as to whether they might get it too.

It is great to see Laurie and JVR in the emergencies to come in for a debut if needed.


Old man yelling at clouds
Apr 18, 2011
AFL Club
Well lads , its now official . You can now smash into the back of an opponent so long as you pretend to be going for a mark . Make sure you don't take your eyes off the ball , and if you accidently get them in the head and send them into next week , just get lawyered up and claim you were going for a mark .
AFAIK at the beginning of the season if you left the ground and got someone in the head , it was a no-no . That didn't last long . I believe the AFL now has a problem . This comment is not specific to Cripps , he used the system to get off. But what a mess this whole thing is now . Tonight we saw a bloke get bumped and as a result his kick went sideways and out of bounds . How the F*uk is that insufficient intent? I think whoever is on the rules committee should be sacked. These "Rules" that allow interpretation have totally messed up the game. Don't expect the AFL media to complain , they won't upset the gravy train. The fans are voting with their attendance , tonight with the Saints fighting for a finals berth should of been closer to a full house than turned up.
Seriously who would want to umpire this s**t ?
We now have players that can't kick a goal from 30 meters out , we have players who are better at throwing the ball than hand passing , players who can run from one end of the ground to the other , but can't kick a pass 30 meters without turning it over .
Lets be clear , i am not claiming the game years ago was better , the violence needed to be stamped out . I just think while the modern footballer is more athletic than previous generations , i don't think they have advanced football intelligence to where it should be .
Rant Over !!

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