Coronavirus and world sport legal and finances

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May 4, 2009
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in tennis, the french tennis federation moved the French Open from may to September-October; 1 week after the US Open. In that slot on the tennis calendar is the Laver Cup, the tournament which is the brainchild of Roger Federer (etc, the most influential player) and has notable partners in the US Tennis Federation and Tennis Australia. It also cuts into the Wuhan WTA Tournament, which seems ironic atm.

They did this without any consultation of the players, ATP/WTA, ITF or other Grand Slams. So, everyone is a bit miffed and angry at the French atm and exposes the cracks in tennis' uncentralized governing system. The French would be desperate to play the grand slam. they spent BIG on new roofs and stadiums. This move reeks of desperation.


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Jan 5, 2017
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The NRL can legally reduce player wages, if NRL revenues are reduced significantly. Their CBA has specific Act Of God provisions ( & Force Majeure general principles would probably also apply).

Has it been explicitly announced that the AFL has similar, explicit CBA legal protections?
(I assume the AFL has protection due to Force Majeure protections)

The major problem for the AFL & NRL are fixed costs, which cannot as easily be dispensed with (cf players' wages).
Has any specific information been announced as to what these fixed cost losses may be?
And would they threaten the very existence of AFL or NRL clubs?

Some Sydney NRL clubs can only survive financially due to significant Leagues' clubs funding (mainly from poker machines).
If Leagues clubs have to close due to their dangerous crowded spaces, would some NRL clubs fold?
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