Banter Dom Sheed appreciation thread

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kranky al

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Jun 30, 2009
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West Coast
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east perth
The Dom Sheed drink...a cooling drink for a hot environment! Recipes plz...

Darkest Rum in a cold frosted glass with rimmed white sugar, ice cubes and a fresh sprig of mint! View attachment 726271
It needs a black liqueur and a white liqueur layered at the bottom of the glass

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captain blood 17

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Dec 9, 2006
#rentfree in Cats and Magpie supporters heads.
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You want a funner fact?

Gather round tiges this ones a ripper.

West coast had pick 6 in that draft.

We already knew who we wanted in that draft and knew noone else wanted or had shown any interest in him.

We swapped pick 6 with collingwood for pick 11 and pick 38 or 39 (thereabouts)

And got ............ drumroll please ....... DOM SHEED
That for real? That's a cracker.



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Aug 18, 2009
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this was a tough week for me.

I feel like both our clubs have a lot of respect for each other as can be seen in preview threads.

we both know we are good sides about to go head to head.

Eagles haven't really done anything wrong in recent times either.

however what they did do was righted our wrong when we lost the Prelim, so for that I feel the appropriate theme is a Dom Sheed appreciation thread.

This might not be the best of banter thread titles but it still gives me a good feeling.

Nothing more delicious than observing the looks of pain on the Pies supporters in the background as the ball sails through and they realise. Even Cox puts his hands on his head.
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