Rumour Dusty's "coke snorting" gesture at GWS player

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Mar 16, 2011
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Fair sledge. Although to be fair, I don't tink Dusty would be one to talk re: nose beers. It's more the off ball hit and rubbish form that will have Dusty out of the team.

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Jan 18, 2002
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It's a bit like the... was it Sam Mitchell, who made the shooting-up gesture to Essendon? It was below the belt, but I don't think the AFL should intervene for what Dusty said. Mumford doesn't need to become some protected species and it wasn't discriminatory.

The very public obscene gesture, on the other hand...
Have we all lost our sense of humour and now getting uptight about players "ribbing" each other ?.

Mitchell mocked the Essendon players, visual and topical. Did it hurt anyone, was it racial, religious etc ?. It was cheeky.

Martin mocking GWS's various "nose problems", visual and topical. Did it hurt anyone etc.

Players give and players take verbals / gestures, every week. Maybe I better re-think that comment after what that "vicious" Matthew DeBoer did / said to Dusty on the weekend !!!!!.

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