Competitions Essendon Board Mock Draft 2020

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Devon Goods
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
Hello all we will be doing this again this year, if you want to join please register your interest below. Starts Wednesday

1 Logan McDonald Adelaide

2 Jamarra Ugle -Hagan Western Bulldogs

3 Elijah Hollands Essendon

4 Denver Grainger-Barras Sydney

5 Riley Thilthorpe Hawthorn

6 Will Phillips Gold Coast

7 Braeden Campbell Sydney

8 Lachlan Jones Port Adelaide

9 Zach Reid North Melbourne

10 Tanner Bruhn North Melbourne

11 Archie Perkins Collingwood

12 Nathan O’Driscoll Adelaide

13 Nikolas Cox GWS

14 Heath Chapman North Melbourne

15 Oliver Henry Fremantle

16 Reef McInnes Collingwood

17 Finlay Macrae GWS

18 Brayden Cook GWS

19 Caleb Poulter St Kilda

20 Errol Gulden Sydney

21 Brandon Walker Fremantle

22 Cody Brand Essendon

23 Tom Powell Richmond

24 Eddie Ford Melbourne

25 Kaine Baldwin Melbourne

26 Corey Durdin GWS

27 Connor Downie Hawthorn

28 Jackson Callow St Kilda

29 Jack Carroll Adelaide

30 Zac Dumesny Adelaide

31 Shannon Neale Brisbane

32 Zavier Maher Gold Coast

33 Zane Trew Melbourne

34 Max Heath GWS

35 Isiah Winder Collingwood

36 Henry Walsh Richmond

37 Fraser Rosman Gold Coast

38 Liam Kolar Carlton

39 Liam McMahon North Melbounre

40 Luke Pedlar Adelaide

41 Josh Eyre Essendon

42 Sam Berry Hawthorn

43 Jake Bowey Hawthorn

44 Blake Coleman Brisbane

45 Bailey Laurie Carlton

46 Matt Allison Hawthorn

47 Pass Melbourne

48 Tom Highmore Geelong

49 Max Holmes GWS

50 Sam Collins Western Bulldogs

51 Joel Western Fremantle

52 Oliver Davis Port Adelaide

53 Ollie Lord Collingwood

54 Tariek Newchurch Adelaide

55 James Rowe Richmond

56 Kalin Lane West Coast

57 Maurice Rioli Jr Brisbane

58 Lachlan Carrigan Fremantle

59 Jack Ginnivan Collingwood

60 Connor Stone Adelaide

61 Pass Brisbane

62 Pass Brisbane

63 Pass Hawthorn

64 Tyler Brockman Collingwood

65 Xavier Robins North Melbourne

66 Pass Hawthorn

67 Pass Brisbane

68 Jackson Cardillo Port Adelaide

69 Pass Brisbane

70 James Borlase Adelaide

71 Cameron Fleeton St Kilda

72 Jaiden Hunter Collingwood

73 Pass Fremantle

74 Pass Gold Coast

75 Pass Essendon

76 Pass Carlton

77 Pass Essendon

78 Luke Edwards Richmond

79 Mitch Duval North Melbourne

80 Brodie Lake Sydney

81 Pass Hawthorn

82 Pass Gold Coast

83 Pass Essendon

84 Alec Waterman West Coast

85 Pass Essendon

86 Pass GWS

87 Pass Melbourne

88 Ryan Angwin Western Bulldogs

89 Dominic Bedendo West Coast

90 Harry Sharp Collingwood

91 Jake Steele St Kilda

92 Pass Brisbane

93 Pass Port Adelaide

94 Zac Phillips Geelong

95 Corey Gault Richmond
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Inaugural Steward
Jul 11, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne Storm
In if I can pick Michael Hartley

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Devon Goods
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
Now that we have 16 the teams have been allocated.
Some rules to follow

- picks can only be traded from this year
- 12 hours to make your selection, if not you will be allocated a player by yours truly (Your happy to pick a different player the next time you come on if they haven’t been taken since)
- you have to take a minimum of one selection

eDPS - Fremantle
TheGrizz - Adelaide
eth-dog - North Melbourne
boncer34 - Essendon
Megabattimus - St Kilda and West Coast
Harlequin Dream - Sydney
andleanback - Port Adelaide
Zach Package - Western Bulldogs
11kgm - Richmond
Haychh - Hawthorn
Duckworth - Carlton and Geelong
Tang - GWS
Red Black and Blue - Collingwood
Vindicater - Melbourne
Tippa43 - Brisbane
foj1 - Gold Coast


Premium Platinum
Jan 11, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Coburg Lions, All Boston sides
Okay, going to put this out there. Open to trading what will be pick 3 after I bid on JUH, assuming TheGrizz doesn't do it with pick 1. Will be looking for multiple first round picks, either 2x top 10 or 1x top 10 and 2x 11+ Happy to attach picks 70 and 71 to any trade as well.


Devon Goods
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
What will happen with NGA bidding?

Will the picks taken match the available list spots of each team?
Yep although I might leave pick trading until it’s live because I want to wait for the first list lodgement as that should give an idea on how many list spots will be available so we have an idea on how many picks clubs will have to match bids on players.

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