TV Naked and Afraid

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Premiership Player
Sep 9, 2013
AFL Club
XL finished like 8 mins early what gives
That's your only comment on XL?

Also seems a bit contrived / produced when groups seemingly find another group so easily and after a week or so of trying on their own (almost like they have to try on their own and then producers will point you in the right direction for another group if you need it). Weakest group finds strongest??

They want us to wonder if someone is going to tap (think Russell from last XL) because of the storm but have shown us previews of things like Shane having cut his hand that hasn't happened by the time the storm hits, thus we know he's around later.....

If I was one of the all female tribe I'm not sure I'd feel the need to move just because of the collapsing dirt. You have so many resources already there, just move your camp a few metres from it, touch up your boma, still use existing lake with fish etc (although they might still be close to that). Surely that's easier than having to build new boma from scratch?

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