Non-AFL chat thread part 2

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 21, 2005
Brunswick East 3057
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Western Bulldogs
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Wet Sham, BANGOR FC, Down
West Ham:rolleyes:

Modern football (soccer) is rubbish.

Back in the day, 1975, when West Ham won the FA cup, the players smuggled the trophy back to a crowded East End pub and drank beer out of it with the fans.

In the premier league, we have Brazilians, Italians and Ukrainians who couldn't have picked out London on a map, playing in a soulless stadium with the fans kept safely from the touchline. The players live in gated communities and give a couple of seasons service at $100,000 a week's wages, before disappearig off to China for bigger wages in a tinpot league.

AFL isn't perfect but the majority of players form a connection with their club. Often a deep connection.

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