Analysis Our set shot kicking accuracy: what is going on and how to improve it?

Vicky Park

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Sep 11, 2012
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Dunstall in an interview last week stated goal kicking accuracy has dropped away because players don't practice it anymore. He said it was due to players not playing in set positions anymore. But indicated the lumbersome types such as Hawkins, Kennedy, who play the one position would be higher than the average forward (who played multiple roles).

Heard Jack Riewoldt on the Hall Of Fame tonight say the same thing in that players don't practice goal kicking as much any more

The Pies have the lowest goal kicking accuracy of teams in the Top 8

Pies: Elliott 12/60%; Mihocek 16/48.5%; Thomas 11/45.8%; Stephenson 18/43.9%; De Goey 22/43.1%
Cats: Duncan 12/80%; Rohan 20/71.4%; Hawkins 31/64.6%; Miers 12/60%; Ablett 20/52.6%
GWS: Himmelberg 18/64.3%; Finlayson 24/63.2%; Conigilo 13/56.5%; Cameron 38/49.4%
WCE: Cripps 14/73.7%; Darling 25/64.1%; Sheed 11/61%; Kennedy 24/57.1%; Allen 12/57.1%
While I was watching training on Saturday (maybe 40 minutes), Daicos seemed to spend the whole time practising his shots on goal, to the exclusion of all else including other training drills. Make of that what you will, as he's not one of the senior culprits.

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What has happened to De Goey's set shots? I mean, he has never been the best set shot, but this year is something else. At least last year he was more accurate.

Was good to see us a little more accurate yesterday. But to be fair most of our goals were on the run. Reid took his chances which was good considering he is always 50/50.

Was interesting to see Ken Hinkley comment on Port's set shot accuracy on Thursday night. He basically put it down to pressure and said that during training they always land their set shots. So pressure and probably being out of puff are contributing factors. I wonder how this compares to say 20-30 years ago?


May 29, 2016
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The last three games, Collingwood has been above 50% accuracy. and before that, we only had 2 games (from Round 6 onwards) that we ended up being slightly inaccurate

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The problem is clearly between De Goey’s ears. No AFL footballer is bad enough at kicking to justify those set shots going out on the full. It’s great being an “alpha male” but get your **** together and see the sports psychologist.

Memo to Mason Cox, you’re fine between the ears but getting too close to the man on the mark. Give yourself more than 6 steps to run in.
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