Game Day Port v the team that gave the Crows Darcy Fogarty for Charlie Cameron lol

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
you’re just constantly bagging out Marshall. I’ve seen you make around 7-8 heavily negative posts about him tonight and you’re one that attacks him regularly.

ive not seen one post by you slamming Dbj, the senior recent all-Aus player who was insipid tonight, or any of the dozen plus senior players who were shocking.
Gee, I couldn’t possibly imagine why I’d be critical of Marshall after tonight.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 15, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
If the umpire determines a tackled player has not had prior opportunity to dispose of the ball then the tackled player only has to make a genuine attempt to dispose of the ball correctly to not be pinged holding the ball / incorrect disposal. sh*t rule but that’s the rule.
Yeah. I comes back to my problem with that rule: ‘if the umpire determines’. There is way too much that comes down to discretion.

Windy Cindy

All Australian
May 16, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
The point is he made up for it,
He played with effort 98% of them didn't.
did he? wow Not what I saw.. I don’t rate possessions when the games over. when it was on the line he burnt it badly.. as he has done in a number of big games, particularly away.


Team Captain
Jan 24, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Houston had a lot of piss weak tackle efforts with one arm out flailing around... reminded me of Polec. Well below his usual self.

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Duckimus Prime

Premiership Player
Apr 26, 2008
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
should we replace him with a) senior player and former Brisbane captain Rockliff who can play a similar role or b) young player coming off mental health issues who plays a totally different game derrrrr stinkely ******* gold. We will never ever ever win a premiership with him in charge. ******* idiot set up to fail from the start.
Rockliff can play a similar role to the hard gut running Boak? Are you drunker than Bomber?

PJ Power

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 13, 2003
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I can’t remember whether we were as bad against West Coast, but tonight was sickeningly poor.

Our tall and small forwards were the worst of a very bad lot. Houston, Amon and SPP gave no help at all to Wines and Drew, while Lycett also had his colours lowered. Then our defence started the game at sixes and sevens and never recovered.

Easiest to rate the players in reverse order tonight:
23. Marshall - single-handedly got the ball rolling after Hartlett’s first quarter brain fade with a dropped mark display that had to be seen to be believed. Is nothing like a key forward.
22. Hartlett - disgusting performance while his evergreen counterpart in Rich from the same draft showed how it’s done.
21. Mayes - as substandard a footballer as has played AFL this year. Reliably does the wrong thing with footy in hand.
20. Georgiades - only his youth excuses that non-performance. Outmarked repeatedly and his ball use going forward was awful.
19. Fantasia - clearly better on downhill ski slopes. Was the same against West Coast. Applied no pressure.
18. Burton - sloppy first half, then injured late. Worst game he’s played for a while.
17. Houston - only injury could excuse his timid, half-hearted efforts. Had his tackles broken so easily and refused to straight line the ball all night.
16. Rozee - I’ve said enough. I don’t think his rut of poor form is just injury. Whereas Butters and Duursma consistently inspire us, this guy is inconspicuous until no-one is left to care. Right now he’s so over-rated that next week no-one will rate him at all.
15. Woodcock - don’t know what to make of that. He kicked a goal and did nothing else constructive all game.
14. Dixon - the wolf huffed and he puffed, and Dan McStay rag dolled him in the ruck and Harris Andrew’s pushed him around like he was a kid. Then Charlie either dropped them or sprayed them. Is not half of the player Schultz was, and not a tenth of Tredrea or a twentieth of Hodges.
13. Amon - that was Karlos circa 2017. Scared, little outside runner.
12. Motlop - his comedic run of kicking errors in the last five minutes was Benny Hill like. At least he ran, where Fantasia and Rozee did not.
11. Clurey - he is normally Brisbane’s bunny. Tonight he had more than a few friends.
10. SPP - early, it looked he would be on. Then it all got too much for him and every time he went near it, bad things happened.
9. Lycett - got beaten comfortably by a smarter and more gangly ruckman. Didn’t help that the mids under him were smashed too.
8. Frederick- at half-time, I thought he had been ok. Had some poor moments late, but not disgraced in what was a grim night for the team.
7. DBJ - seemed to work much harder than many teammates but none of his possessions were clean or meaningful.
6. Gray - not sure why I’ve rated him this highly, because he did some pretty ordinary things. Handled the ball better than his teammates but much worse than his opponents. Nice set shot goal and than an OOF snap after a strong mark
5. Bergman - the kid made one mistake but was otherwise pretty darn good. Looked much more mature and determined than most of his senior teammates. Solid to good game
4. Jonas - stinker of a first half. Outmarked early by McFluffy. Then gave one of the most inept ground level contests in the history of the PAFC in the second quarter. But visibly tried his darnest in the second half and ended up way above others on this list.
3. Drew - pretty good game really despite being part of a midfield that got flogged. Great snap goal and lots of tough in and under stuff.
2. Wines - not his most effective performance but boy did he give it all. So badly let down by his teammates today.
1. Aliir - head and shoulders our best again. That is all that needs to be said.


Brownlow Medallist
May 28, 2005
It's not a Tuna!
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Port Adelaide
Other Teams
MCFC, Bulls
Once the What Happen Power Alert (TM) was deployed at about the 10th minute of the first quarter, it was sealed.

The WHPA is never wrong once sounded.
The fact we can all call the result within 2 goals after 10 minutes with a 90% accuracy is nothing short of amazing.

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