Universal Love Ranking the Premierships

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1. 1990

2. 2010 & 2023

* 2018 (we were robbed)

But if they had of won 2018 then imo I doubt 2023 happens…

bucks would still likely be the senior coach and they’d still be playing pedestrian retaining possession football
Reykjavik’s law strikes again.

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I’m verrrrry old. We all know that every GF win is precious, and we all prefer the ones that occurred while we were in our prime. The joy of 2023 following another near miss in 2022, the indescribable relief of 1990 following 32 years of stuff-ups and near misses are great days in my football journey, but 1958 will always be highly regarded by all Pies fans.
We are very - and justifiably - proud of the four-in-a-row (and no I wasn’t alive for them). But have a close look at the premiership teams of 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959 and 1960. That’s right if Murray Weideman and his band of brothers hadn’t said “Not on our watch” in 1958, Melbourne, led by our arch-nemesis Ron Barassi, would have won SIX in a row.
Every Premiership win is fantastic, but that one was record-preserving.
It’s my favourite.
1990 for me. The wait through all those heartbreak years was excruciating.
Nearly half my life I had not seen a Pies flag, now in the second half I have seen three.
1990 was the drought breaker and nothing can beat the relief that it brang to long suffering supporters who had to endure a seemingly never ending period of Carlton success.
We buried the Collywobbles forever and dragged the nation out of recession.
1990 was the year that solidified my love of Collingwood and AFL. I was only 9, but I was obsessed from then on. The characters in our team, the underdog status against the alpha Essendon side, the incredible Daicos year. It was amazing.

2023 was intense the whole way, and I was an emotional wreck when the siren went.

2010 was a moment that I felt truly happy for the following summer.
I wasn't old enough to appreciate 1990, however, objectively you cant get much better than beating an archrival and breaking a 32 year drought.... especially after they knocked out a favorite son. Other highlights in 1990 included beating Carlton twice, the drawn WC final and goal of the century by Daicos. Pretty amazing season.

2010 was pretty special because I'd given up on believing we'd ever win a flag and thought I may never experience the feeling of ultimate success as an adult. There were also a lot of loveable characters in that 2010 side.

2023 was an amazing spectacle and perhaps the best 'game of footy' out of the three. It was also perfect redemption for the close loss in 2018 and rigged 2002 GF. It was also great that Fly's coaching mantra got validated and Sidey and Pendles got to be dual premiership players (which they deserve).

Unlike 2018 I didn't fly back to Australia for the 2023 GF so it will probably be the one that I'll have to live vicariously through everyone else.
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Domie, that only proves that you've become a weepy emotional old man... dont take it personally....a lot of us old boys weep uncontrollably when we're watching sentimental movies like the bridges on madison county...if you havent seen it, schedule a date night with the wife...
Maybe not the wife... maybe an unrequited love!

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