Oppo Camp Regular Non Eagles Discussion V2

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Chad in Vegas

Team Captain
Oct 7, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
I know a single guy who sells house and land packages in Perth. He's very successful and works huge hours. He goes on one 4 week surfing holiday each year (a surf break off of an island that is almost unknown) and sleeps with a different hooker 5 nights a week. Has done for 20+ years now.

Is your above more likely or can we turn you into one of the top 2 salespeople in WA?
As i know the guy well and worked with him for a while i'll explain the hooker situation. Basically (well up until covid which may have f’ed this all up) your mid and higher class hookers would travel the country during the year and every year there is a new batch of them combined with the ones that fly into Australia supposedly to travel as backpackers or work other jobs.

We're talking about a guy who earns roughly 400k a year on the books and about 100k off it in, in the hand 5k visa or mastercards.

If we average it out at 500 an hour, 5 times a week for 48 weeks of the year. The Surfing is 4 weeks, based off a boat in SE asia, it's him and 4 of his closest friends. It's 120k a year. His 100k worth of in the hand visa and mastercards cover almost all of it.

Still he's top 2 in his profession and works 80 hours a week. People spend their money different ways and with all the parties, free coke (yes free), free alcohol and the like while this may disgust people you'll be surprised what some young women will do for a few hundred dollars, drinks and free coke all while they think they are talking to Perth's elite. (even to middle aged men with noses so red from 20 years of coke they have to fake tan so they don't look like rudolph)

I could do the work but the partying, drinking, drug taking and associated networking through the aforementioned wasn't for me.
The 4 week surf trip aside, that sounds like a fun way to spend a year and an incredibly sad way to spend 20.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
As I was never invited I don't know exactly where I just know it's off of some atoll/island near indonesia. They live on the boat full time so I would imagine it's pretty hard to get to and he probably found it from the knowledge of his young years spending some of that money in SE asia.
How I'm picturing your mate:


Nuke Fremantle

Premiership Player
Mar 26, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool FC
St Kilda have defended their opening-round draft selection of South Australia's Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera over local Josh Sinn, following criticism from Brownlow medallist Gerard Healy.

The Saints selected Wanganen-Milera with pick 11, before Port Adelaide snatched Sinn with pick 12.

It prompted Healy to draw attention to the 'go-home risks' that come with drafting players from interstate.

"Why would you take a wingman from interstate with all the issues associated with it when you have a kid in your own heartland?" Healy said on 3AW.

Sinn captained the Sandringham Dragons and Vic Metro, adding to the pattern of players who have shown excellent leadership and talent, only to slip down the order of the draft.
Gerard Healy worried about the "go home" risks of a Victorian club drafting a kid from interstate. Probably could've put this in the biased/incompetent thread. Seriously you could cut the irony with a knife.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 19, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Sinn captained the Sandringham Dragons and Vic Metro, adding to the pattern of players who have shown excellent leadership and talent, only to slip down the order of the draft.
Highly rated player slips below other highly rated player (but not that far), news at 11.

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