Toast Rnd 16: Win against the Swans

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Apr 11, 2002
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We cant expect Smack to ruck all game & Hookers body wont allow him to contribute, Clarke is a certainty to go around again...& again.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 12, 2014
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It seriously looked like that was the first time our midfielders and forwards had played together. Parish, Shiel and Merrett were woeful with their delivery inside 50. If our midfield can't hit 25-35m kicks to leads then we have to play Hooker forward and just go long and high. Clarke was hilariously bad and looked to be completely bamboozled by Aliir's tactics. Due to our lack of depth he should get one more week against a traditional ruck in Goldstein but christ that was bad by Zac. Langford again looked poor in the midfield and failed to impact until the speed was taken out of the game. Ugly win but good to see were winning rather than an 'honourable loss'.

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Oct 17, 2013
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Roos is a ******* turnip. He seems to be unaware of the job description of the “commentator”, rather he views his role as one of providing one profound statement after another.
Unfortunately he’s about as profound as a wet fart and his output more biased than anything Eddie has ever served up calling a Pies game. His relative silence late in the match truly was golden.
Almost equally as sickening was his colleagues in the box clambering over each other to agree vigorously with each statement he made.
Totally agree with this! Really pissed me off and removed my respect for him. He did it a fair bit in the Melbourne game. WTF!?


Aug 17, 2018
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Well played Dons. The players are getting better by the week, and are running out the whole game. Should be an interesting month of footy coming up as the bottom part of the 8 is up for grabs.

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Zach Package

Kyle Langfourd
Sep 21, 2012
Parish, Francis
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Odd, odd game on replay. Even though it was a relatively open game it was so end to end both sides were out on their feet about 15 minutes into quarters 2, 3 and 4. Skill level really low in the 2nd half because everyone was so gassed. I think the commentators mentioned that the Swans only laid 4 tackles in the last quarter, which sounds ridiculous, but it was just that kind of game.

I couldn’t pick up anyone trying to grab Heeney in transition, he was running around doing what he liked and that was really starting to sh*t me, Clarke did a really good job on Parker at stoppages but we need someone to step up and take responsibility in following midfielders in general play. Way too easy.

Zaharakis was bloody good, he’s still capable of that kind of ‘get us over the line’ performance, which just adds to the stupidity of Worsfold playing him out of position in the last month.

Tony Barber

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Apr 6, 2017
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As I wasn't able to go or watch any of the game, I have 3 questions and would be grateful to whoever answers:

1) Did Roosy have something to say (which would explain the EAD comments)

2) How was Langford?

And 3) How was Z Clarke?
I can answer #2
I went to the game and specifically looked up the team sheet to see who number 4 was.

Moved up to the contest nicely. Had excellent timing when going to get the pill.
I thought his use by hands was sloppy. But in the context of the game no one was spreading to create room.
He'd get a contract anywhere.

Btw, thought the bombers supporters around us were good.
Had my 11 year old with me so my ears were open. A few 'what the F was that?' In relation to poor disposal etc. but nothing aggressive all day.

Well done.

*fix those 30 metre passes. That will kill you.

daniher dynasty

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Apr 6, 2008
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Agree 100% - the most interesting thing is it's usually hard to tag inside mids and easy to tag outsiders. We may have the only player in the comp who can reliably tag inside mids and we're using him on outside runners. Cunnington then Sloane
I think you've both nailed it. I suspect a lot of coaches think a tagger is much more effective in shutting down a freewheeling runner used to operating in space than a strong bodied inside mid whose stock intrade is operating in confined spaces under physical pressure ( I plead guilty to doing the same) .But as you point out Clarke's job on Cripps showed he was ideally suited to doing the second job , and given Cunnington is quite clearly currently the Kangas outstanding mid it just makes sense to send him there.


I can't recall
Sep 9, 2004
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I can't recall
Not convincing but a win is a win.

Was a bit of a repeat of last week, for 3/4 the effort didn't seem to really be there (more so this week than last) Switched on in the final quarter.

Hurls was a rock down back.

Parish, McGrath, Zaka, Shiel were good.

Was glad to get the win, plenty of times during the game I didn't think we would


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Jul 4, 2011
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Was there another rule I'm not aware of regarding climbing the post?
The one the media quoted - "a clear intention to shake the post" was simply irrelevant to the situation . He certainly had a clear intention to climb the post...I've often wondered if you could use someone to deliberatly vault you into the air to save a goal. I guess that was Rampe's method.
I guess you think that Rampe's intention was to climb the post oh so gently that it wouldn't shake. (By the way, the word "clear" isn't in the rule). Not only did he intend to climb the post without it shaking, the umpire was able to discern that too, you think.
And, if he didn't break any rule, why didn't Gil just say that, rather than say that not paying a free was "good practical umpiring"?
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Oct 4, 2005
Up north
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Most impressive thing for me is we toughed it out and got the win

The last 2 weeks shows me that Essendon can win games when they can't run and gun
We can make it easier on ourselves by hitting a target inside 50!
Terrible game & poor connection to the forward line. We will want to play a hell of a lot better to get near North as they appear to be playing good contested, high pressure football - our Achilles heel of late. Particularly the way they forced the Pies to not switch across and come back down the line. Interesting week ahead. We need a ruckman badly! Can we put Bowman straight in?;)

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