Opinion The 'Carlton related stuff that doesn't need it's own thread' thread

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Aug 22, 2014
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Yep I hate the "entertainment"

Rather just talk to ppl I'm there with or complain about umpiring on bigfooty
Random tangent, but you know what I thought was absolutely brilliant? One of the pommy commentators having a conversation with a woman in the stands during the cricket last night, via the radio. She had the earpiece on listening to the commentary, and during a break in play she ended up on the big screen, and the commentator started asking her questions and she was responding with simple gestures. Asked her how she thought England should deal with Steve Smith and she mimed cutting one of her legs off.

Fan engagement is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be engaging. Shouting at a crowd isn't engaging.

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Jul 2, 2015
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I agree with the first part of your statement, she is just doing the job that she is asked to do. As far as the next part goes I really hope not as I don't See the necessity for anyone to be doing that job.

No amount of attempts to 'gee up' the crowd will achieve anything when your team is being smashed and when it is doing well it's unnecessary as the crowd will be pumped up any way.

Either way it's not needed and only serves as an annoyance.

I will never understand the obsession with Americanising the game. We aren't American, we are Aussies, we don't respond to the same stuff as they do. Our game is unique, we don't need to take the lead from any other football codes.

Let's celebrate the differences rather than try to morph into them.

I like the natural atmosphere at games, that's all I need.
It is pretty cringe I agree


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Jun 4, 2006
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just when you thought there was too much media running out of things to talk about - I know - players who kicked 3 goals in their only game........oh my.....

"In fact in this game, Gilmore kicked two goals with his first two kicks in VFL football. The week before in the reserves against Collingwood at Waverley he scored 10 goals in the reserves' losing score of 17.9.111 to Collingwood's 20.19.139."

thanks again to the truly brilliant blueseum!
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Oct 15, 2008
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A Night out with these 3 lads last night in launceston, got some great insights into the club and the playersView attachment 746295

What an interesting dynamic there.

The 32 year old former captain.....The 25 year old current captain.....the 22 year old wild child (?)
Pretty good if all can get on that well and be happy in each others company.

Great stuff Blues_Man


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Jan 16, 2005
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Come on what did they say.. out with it
On Martin, Cripps said he was the best junior he had seen...said he hasn't developed the way he should have because of the sh*t system up there lol, on Papley, says he wants to get to the Blues ..just hoping a deal can be done.
When asked if he would be a one team player, Cripps said if he was going to leave he would have left last year.
Murphy was asked if he would go forward in his later years ..came out with a resounding "no" plays midfield and loves it.
When asked about Charlies ability with the ladies ..Cripss said " he goes alright in melbourne...but came up with donuts in greece " he thought it was hilarious.
Asked about teams they dislike ... Murphy said Sticks had told him from day one that essendon were the enemy ..he said he hates them. Cripps Hates Melbourne...and Charlie said he grew up a Cats fan ..and now they are the team he really wants to beat.
Charlie said his Knee was slow to respond at first.. but it's fine now and will do a full pre season
They were very forthcoming in talking to everyone and were willing to sign whatever was asked .
It was a very enjoyable night with a parmy and pot..i noticed Cripps knocked back the Parma and didn't eat at all .
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