Matildas The Matildas and The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

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Literally no one who has followed football for longer than the last month is "raging".

Every single person knows that FIFA rankings are a joke, and no one really pays any attention to them - it's why there's no trophy for being number 1. I remember going back 12 years when the US sat inside the top 8 for a whole 4 year cycle+ despite not winning anything and being very mediocre.

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Spain sure have a unique way of celebrating a world cup win .

Should just stick with the tried and true

Out of curiosity where will Matildas be ranked now? Are Spain number 1 now?
New rankings came out yesterday, Australia ranked 11th. Pre-tournament they were ranked 10th. Weird how they moved down a spot after finishing fourth at the World Cup.
weird ranking system based on separate games rather then tournament. If you lose to 40th ranked team like we did then we lose stacks of points. But if we beat higher ranked teams they arent weighted as much. Its a totally corrupt system

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