Transfer discussion thread

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 21, 2018
Bay 314
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Port Adelaide
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Arsenal have a few times been made keen on Buendia who was a talisman for promoted Norwich.

Few European clubs were trying to snare Leon Bailey a few times with us heavily linked the last 2 years.

Ings everyone thought would go again to European chasing Arsenal or Europa Conference Spurs. About to do the same with JWP.

Sure they have lost a CL quality player in Grealish but bringing in 4 that are at the very least European football standard is different to when we brought in Paulinho, Chiriches etc.
Never thought Ings was top 6 club material don't know why he hyped himself up so much.

Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
AFL Club
I really like Bernardo, and he's (by all accounts) a really positive dressing room influence.

But if he wants out so be it, hopefully Atleti can spend some of that La Liga money. At a guess we'd be looking for £60-70m.
I am also a fan of bsilva. Stylish and classy - Is jack a better player?

Guess he would wanna be for 100millquid

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 5, 2004
Austin, Tejas
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Hammers, Austin FC
Never thought Ings was top 6 club material don't know why he hyped himself up so much.
1st half of last season perhaps he was but then he dropped off a bit.

I think Southampton are smart to sell with 1 year left and sign a similar younger player for a few million less, but that's the way they have to operate also I suppose.


Hall of Famer
Dec 22, 2009
South End, AAMI Park
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Socceroos, LFC, MVFC, RC Strasbourg
I would say there is the fact that they've recouped/are going to recoup a fair bit in transfer fees (not going to use the term because the overplayed joke is overplayed) to help, plus the standard funds from winning the PL etc.
That should easily cover the 250m in transfer fees and 120m in wages required to sign Grealish/Kane over 5 years. Just a normal day at the office.

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