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No 2019 thread yet?

Some pretty huge albums so far this year, but the most surprisingly brilliant album so far this year is without a doubt by a man that everyone will have heard of, yet may have previously dismissed. A guy who looked as though he may have been lost as a pop producer. However, he has managed to come out and drop this huge album out of nowhere.


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The ones I've liked so far:
1. AE_Live_Portsmouth | Autechre
2. AE_Live_Denver | Autechre
3. We Dance Alone | Yaporigami
4. AE_Live_New York | Autechre
5. Let's Ride EP | Roza Terenzi
6. AE_Live_Seattle | Autechre
7. Still on my Mind | Dido

Been fairly electronicy for me thus far. Most keen for the new Gizzard later this month, Cyboogie and Fishing for Fishies were both solid.
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Jul 9, 2010
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Jason Segel = James Blake
Seth Rogen = Me

Absolute garbage. I just wish I could have smashed his sampler and synths...
Assume Form is the first James Blake album I've liked since his debut. And maybe the first I've actually listened to more than three times too.

I always loved his dubby early shit and those old releases still sound so cool. First album was alright, remember just flogging that thing when it leaked. Reminds me of leaving high school. But the albums after were just banal shite – mopey, dull, his voice is great but yeah we get it sounds nice... do something with it, like ya know, a smart melody. His keyboard playing isn't very melodic either. Those albums sucked.

But yeah I gave this a cursory listen as I weirdly still follow him. Glad I did. The songs with features are really, really bad shoehorns and are the lamest attempts at getting a higher billing at ****in Coachella. But Can't Believe The Way We Flow, I'll Come Too, Power On are so so good. Memorable melodies, I love the samples, and the general tone of them is actually pretty unique for him. The lyrics should be corny but they're just genuine and coming from him, they're easy to actually buy.

Don't Miss It is a ditty too. Liked it more than the other song he put out last year but yeah, it sounds like it could've been Thom Yorke writing it on a piano. Simple and emotional.

Basically only listen to the James Blake albums where the cover's not completely shameful.
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