2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 32 New Zealand V South Africa 1/11 1900hrs @ Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium

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Pakistan will beat New Zealand next game. Whether they beat them to overtake them on NRR is another question.
England will likely be playing for Champions Trophy qualification vs Pakistan whilst Sri Lanka might have their eyes on the flight home.

NZ would be favourites to make semis imo but they can guarantee it by beating Pakistan next game.

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At the end of the day, the final decision is his.

No one blamed the coach or team mates when Nassar Hussein put the Aussies in in Brisbane 2003 and we scored a million.

Hussain was the full-time captain of his country, not keeping the seat warm for another member of the touring party, and that decision was made before the level of planning and analysis we have now.

Latham’s decision would have been based around what his team was most comfortable doing but unfortunately drifted from the old adage of doing what your opponent least wants you to do.

No team in their right mind except MAYBE India should be tempting fate by bowling first against SA.

India is a spectacularly good chasing side generally and will back themselves to always limit their opposition to something achievable but outside of them you’re mad to let SA have first tilt.
England got those 76 Sixes in 11 games. (in 2019)

South Africa got 78 Sixes in 7 games. (2023)
LOL one is in India, the other on cricket grounds.
Who do NZ have unavailable at the moment? Can't keep up with the carnage

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