Autopsy 2024 Round 1 Blues hold on in yet another heartstopper

Who played well for the Blues in Round 1 vs the Tigers?

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He’s doing alright so far, as Crippa said, “he’s done his apprenticeship and worked on his game really hard”.
Let’s see how good he can become, it might be an area he needs to address but his left peg has great penetration and his evasive skills in tight have really surprised me, nice quick hands and thinks super fast!
I’m bloody impressed mate, as I’m sure you are?!👍
Yes Carrol is one of my favourites
For sure. Cant remember that far back except the overall theme. Looking at one of the games where he got 2 votes he had 10 clangers and 7 turnovers. Butchered it non stop but umpires are clueless. They went, he got it a lot of times so he must be top 2 this week. They dont have deep analysis skills...

So my point above, swings and roundabouts applies.

I'd agree he missed votes too. Swings and roundabouts.
Greg Williams round 10 1993…swings, roundabouts and 🤘

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