Competitions AFC Board Draft Game 2019/20 Main Competition Thread - Now with Poll!

Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Absolutely ... might have a good look through after round 5 and compile a list of out performers
Some pretty solid picks in the second half of the draft

Brandan Parfitt
Karl Amon
Oliver Florent
Dan Butler
Max King
James Rowbottom
Jack Higgins
David Mundy
Ben Long
Nick Coffield


Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
Butler has been sensational as has the move of Ben Long to a HBF .

Max King , looking dangerous and building nicely into the season ... all the tools to be a Champion .

Definitely happy with with my Swambo of Florent and Rowbottom ... still some upside left for these two this season .

Higgins is one of the few heartwarming stories of 2020 .

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Hall of Famer
Jan 18, 2009
I Don't Know
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Chelsea, Sturt
Bit of a meh draft from me. Some picks that did what they had to do (Martin and Riewoldt). Papley at 132 was a great get and Wilkie at 234 wasn't bad either. Talia and Hopper had pretty disappointing seasons, and my picks after Wilkie bar Himmelberg and Noble didn't really fire a shot.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Here are the results pending the Carlton B&F


Current top 5:

1. Mego Red
2. Scorpus
3. Danger in Texas
4. Pilchard_Adams
5. ShadeyP

deaneus copped a positional penalty for not having two key position defenders. Sorry, deaneus, Lachie Plowman is not currently listed as a KPD

I don't expect too many differences after the Carlton B&F. Pea Nut will likely pick up a bunch of points, given he has 4 of Carlton's best 22. Several teams could also move into the top 5.

I will narrowly win the game if Weitering finishes 1st or 2nd in the Carlton B&F. Otherwise, Mego Red has won. No other team can win.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Best picks in the top 50 scoring players:

1. Cameron Guthrie, pick 290 to Freddy Bassett - 8th highest scoring player, 21 games, AA team, B&F, Brownlow and AFLCA placings

2. Liam Baker, pick 402 to Donkey Magoo - 36th highest scoring player with 20 games, 6th in B&F, premiership and 22under22 selection

3. Dan Butler, pick 284 to Pilchard_Adams - 25th highest scoring player, 19 games, AA squad, 2nd in the B&F, Coleman placing

4. Zak Butters, pick 328 to Mego Red - 40th highest scoring player, 17 games, AA squad, 4th in the B&F and 22under22

5. Sam Menegola, pick 304 to Pea Nut - 43rd highest scoring player, 21 games, AA squad, 6th in the B&F

Worst picks:

1. Alex Rance, pick 25 to FAITH - he retired and scored 0 points

2. Dayne Beams, pick 146 to FAITH - didn't play all year and not many thought he would

3. Lance Franklin, pick 33 to Coopers - injured and missed the entire season

5. Joe Daniher, pick 51 to Freddy Bassett - barely played a game

5. Charlie Curnow, pick 183 to Mego Red - injured and missed the entire season


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Full team reviews:


Best pick: Tom Hawkins
Worst pick: Jesse Hogan

Mid-table season this year, hurt by players like Greene, M. Crouch and Polec not winning significant awards. Several picks in the 100s did not come on at all for various reasons. Picking the Coleman winner is always nice though, and the first pick of Bontempelli was a success


Best pick: Matt Taberner
Worst pick: Brodie Grundy

Finished last and had a stinker. Brodie Grundy at pick 2 was a flop as he had a poor year. Three other top 100 picks (Lance Franklin, Brad Crouch and Phil Davis) all failed to fire, all with injuries. Several mid-100s picks only had okay years and this team didn't find many late steals


Best pick: Jed Anderson
Worst pick: Tim Kelly

A decent year for some picks, with Adams and Haynes both winning B&Fs and getting All Australian jumpers. However their first pick with Tim Kelly was a flop as he had a down year, and didn't see quite the success with later picks. Jed Anderson was a steal and ended up one of the higher scoring players

Danger in Texas

Best pick: Luke Ryan
Worst pick: Steele Sidebottom

Can't complain finishing 3rd. Had a couple of steals with Luke Ryan (AA) and Shai Bolton scoring very highly for outside 100 picks. Would have won the game had Nat Fyfe had a more dominant year, an AA jumper and Brownlow placing would have been very handy. Great spread of games played and B&F placings

Danger Zone

Best pick: Jy Simpkin
Worst pick: Adam Treloar

Three of the top 5 scoring players were picks beyond 250 (Simpkin, Langford, and Henry) so that's a good strike rate. Gawn also had a decent year on the awards front with a surprise AA jumper. However, other top picks failed to fire, with Treloar in particular a huge disappointment, but Tex Walker, Luke Shuey and Seb Ross all had down years too for top 100 picks


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club

Best pick: Travis Boak
Worst pick: Jeremy Cameron

Didn't have a bad year for drafting names, it's just unfortunate they all failed to fire except for Boak. Cameron was well down, Goldstein down, Zorko average, Prestia only okay. Didn't have many steals either, with few B&F placements

Donkey Magoo

Best pick: Lachie Neale
Worst pick: Harry Himmelberg

Had the highest scoring player in the entire game, and had a huge three All Australians and 2 B&F winners. Unfortunately, a mid-table team due to weak depth, with 6 players contributing less than 4 points each. Needed some of those mid-squad names like Sheed, Higgins or McKay to really fire

Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

Best pick: Darcy Moore
Worst pick: Jordan De Goey

Struggled with top picks this year. De Goey didn't fire, Walters was only okay, Peter Wright didn't play at all as a top 150 pick. David Mundy was a great get beyond pick 400 and taking Rowan Marshall in the top 50 paid off. Lacked depth with guys like Marchbank, Webster, Brown and Tom Landgon not playing any games at AFL level


Best pick: Dylan Grimes
Worst pick: Alex Rance

Had some howlers with early picks including Rance, Beams and even Sloane. No All Australians but did snare B&F winner Reilly O'Brien. Luke Brown was a surprisingly good player but this team lacked star power

Freddy Bassett

Best pick: Cam Guthrie
Worst pick: Joe Daniher

Had an astonishing year with late picks. Finished 6th without any of Daniher, McKenna, Yeo, McGovern or Naughton scoring significantly, which were all top 100 picks. Team was held together with steals of Dixon, Guthrie, Liam Ryan and Luke McDonald


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
Mego Red

Best pick: Christian Petracca
Worst pick: Charlie Curnow

Has probably won the game, and done so with elite depth and also by picking one of the highest scoring players in the game (Petracca) with pick 149. Team runs deep with 8 players finishing at their club's B&F in the top 5. Had few injuries and nailed most of the top 250 picks taken

Pea Nut

Best pick: Sam Menegola
Worst pick: Isaac Heeney

Struggled to find depth players this year, and some top picks failed to convert good seasons into great seasons, like Rory Laird, Tom Mitchell, Patrick Cripps and Devon Smith. Ultimately scored lowly from picking 14 players who only played single digit games, with some unfortunate injuries in there


Best pick: Darcy Byrne-Jones
Worst pick: Ben Brown

Had a shocker with the first few picks, taking Ben Brown and Stephen Coniglio who had down years. Other high picks like Rampe and Worpel failed to get big awards, however this was made up for by taking Byrne-Jones and Sheppard with later picks who went on to be AA, and generally finding a few steals. Top 5 spot is a great result and had a couple of those top picks fired, could have won

I Lost My Keays aka @roo2macca

Best pick: Dustin Martin
Worst pick: Zac Williams

Selected the second best player in the game, but outside of that, lacked a bit of award power. Was probably hoping for better seasons from players like Reiwoldt, Talia, Hurn and Williams. A few steal later picks would have helped too


Best pick: Jack Steele
Worst pick: Ben Cunnington

Steele was a great get, and had okay success with early picks like Tom Lynch, Andrew Gaff and Luke Parker. Very strong B&F depth with 13 players polling a top 10 position, equal second to ShadeyP. A chance to win the game overall and like Mego Red, built on depth and got very lucky with injuries

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