Game Day Brisbane Lions v GWS Giants - Semi Finals - Sat 14 Sep, 7:25PM AEST, Gabba. No umpire complaints until after the game.

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Feb 3, 2017
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Cameron Rayner is one of the best upcoming talents...
What makes you think he's such a great talent? I'm not down on him exactly, I just don't get the near universal love... Every vanilla forward will hit that kind of snap 20% of the time. He seems to miss his share of easy set-shot and fumbles more than his share of marks. Maybe he will develop down the track, but as of now he doesnt deserve the acclaim.

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Mar 6, 2019
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Still have decent improvement scope though to make up for the harder draw. If Hodge retires, it will be interesting to see how they go without his leadership. They brought him in for a reason, and while he'll have been teaching for 2 years now, some of what he offers you can't teach and it will be missed. We've certainly missed it at Hawthorn.
First thing I thought after the game was it will be interesting to see how they go without Hodge. I wonder if they may now target another experienced leader? (Obviously won’t be of Hodges caliber though).


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Jul 26, 2016
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"I know Brisbane fans are proud and have a right to be; but you just got eliminated in straight sets against 2 interstate teams at home. That is not something to be proud of."


15th last year.
I've seen 13 wins in the previous 3 years combined.
To win 16 this year was epic.

Hopefully they'll go up another level in 2020.

Collingwood supporters you should be proud of those 25+ grand final losses but it's not something to be proud of. TRULY


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Jul 12, 2009
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First thing I thought after the game was it will be interesting to see how they go without Hodge. I wonder if they may now target another experienced leader? (Obviously won’t be of Hodges caliber though).
If they are not close to Hodge's calibre then you'd have to ask if it is worth taking up the development spot of another young player. Hodge situation was fairly unique. There are probably only a very small handful of players who can offer that level of leadership, and then they have to be available. Hawthorn let him go with good football still to play because they wanted to regenerate (and probably underestimated how much Hodge's footy smarts would allow him to get out of himself over the last two years). Unless they get lucky with a similar player, I reckon they'll be more likely to trust the extra maturity their players have gathered since Hodge arrived, and fill his spot from amongst the current group.

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Apr 27, 2014
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So am I right? The resting QF winners now meet the two sides who beat the living suitcases out of them H&A? Perfect setup.

No idea who should be faves but cats the side to beat all year.

At least the Pies will know that GWS doesnt switch to the fat side, like ever, went long down the line 20x in a row that last Q.


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Aug 17, 2011
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Was a comical night of umpiring. I wouldn't really say any bias but enough for both sides to feel hard done by at various times. Seemed over officiated to me.
Over officiated. Under officiated. Inconsistent. It was moronic umpiring and took away from the spectacle.


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Nov 26, 2009
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Disgraceful! how do three umpires miss this when the stakes are so high! blatantly cheating!

Easily? Have you ever umpired a game? People seem to have the idea that everything must be seen and no mistakes can be made. Umpires make less errors than players do, yet get the most criticism for "costing games". Granted that throw was ugly. But its a game of angles, look at all the players around him, and then the Lions player in front of Kelly. The only angle you could clearly pick up the throw is if you're standing on the lower right side of the screen. Its a game of angles, 360 degrees. One degree different either direction can alter perception to what you see. Also take into account not ALL umpires are looking at the ball carrier, some would be looking around the ball carrier for other infringements. If everyone watched the ball, many things will be missed.

I hate poor umpiring and calls as anyone. But the level of umpire bashing these days is now on a cultural level, where its now a right. Find ONE game day thread this year where people on the losing team haven't blamed umpires?

As someone who umpired a handful of games as a teenager, I grew to respect how freaking hard it was, and how easy it was to miss things. Got abuse as well, and in the end decided that its not for me.

It sucks the throw was missed, but the footage clearly shows no umpire appears to be in eye line of that gap on the lower left of the screen where you have front on view of Kelly. Anywhere else is blocked by players. Rule of umpiring is you only pay something if you're 100 percent sure of it, not 90 percent, 100 percent. The answer to how it COULD be missed is pretty much common sense and on the screen, but people don't analyze it that way. Not to mention the speed of the game these days as well.

The umpiring standard of this game WAS poor don't get me wrong. I'm just pointing out the over heated reactions on this specific play like it was the most easiest thing to see in the world.

If anything the Lions reckless bombing inside 50 when they hard control for much of the last quarter, when you have two of the best inceptors in the league at GWS probably cost them more. Tactically the wrong way to go about it.
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Apr 18, 2005
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Disgraceful! how do three umpires miss this when the stakes are so high! blatantly cheating!

Do they umpires see the game in slow motion do they? And are they up on cherry pickers looking down at the perfect angle?

Everyone is 100% certain when slow motion is played from the most conclusive angle.


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Jul 11, 2005
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Show me ? Did that determine the result ? NO . there was an agenda for sure
If that was against the Tigers or pies there would have been a riot
Ok have a look. And take note of the umpire 2 meters away.
Damn cheaters!

Clearly hands him the ball, not a legal disposal. If Brisbane won it would've determined the result.

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