Preview Changes v Sydney

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Crusty Demon

Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2009
Ferntree Gully
AFL Club
Other Teams
Leeds United
I want to see Chandler in the team. Sparrow Weid and Harmes a chance.

Baker done. Don't want to see him again at this level. Putting TMac back flirts with danger but i feel safer having him there than Petty atm.

Out - Baker, Jones, Tomlinson

In - Chandler, Sparrow, Weid

Harmes another week in the VFL but is destined to replace Melksham in the coming weeks..
May 4, 2010
Under the Bridge Downtown
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Houston Texans
If I had it my way

Jones Brown Baker out

Chandler Weid Sparrow in

Chandler forward, Sparrow into the guts.

Wanted to drop Gus but can't think of another player who could play wing
Don't mind that, but Jones should keep his spot.

For me:

OUT - Tommo, Baker
IN - Weed, Sparrow

Harmes needs another couple of weeks I reckon, looked off pace in the 2's despite big numbers.

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Fork n Hell

Club Legend
Mar 7, 2018
AFL Club
out- Baker, Tomlinson
in- Sparrow, Harmes
Jones stays the sub.

i reckon we looked a bit light on around the ball today. i'd bring in both Sparrow and Harmes, then push Brayshaw back to the wing.
leave TMAC back, he did well back there i thought.
ANB had an absolute stinker like you wouldn't believe today, but he gets a chance to redeem himself, before getting the arse for Chandler if he doesn't.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
Viney was a late out with a toe today, do wonder how bad that is.
A couple of weeks they said at the start of the game.

I thought Jones was ok today, but was dropped off a similar game last week and if it's a last in/first out, he and Baker be making way.


Club Legend
Apr 1, 2018
AFL Club
I'm not the biggest Jones fan this year but he was one of our best today. He worked really hard and deserves to stay in.

ANB on the other hand can piss off. He was putrid. Chandler can have his spot.

Play Tmac down back for the rest of the year and bring Weid in.


All Australian
Oct 19, 2019
AFL Club
Out: Tomlinson Baker Neal-Bullen
In: Petty Viney Sparrow

We’re not dropping Brown after one game and we’re not bringing another key forward in (Weid), so everyone can drop that suggestion.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 30, 2008
AFL Club
Viney will be out for 2-3 weeks, 'hot spot' on toe... which could easily become a season with the way those types of injuries go.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 12, 2013
AFL Club
Really thought Melksham had a mare while watching the game and was a huge liability at critical times killing the momentum, but now I don’t even know given no one else has dropped him. Anyway...

Out: Tomlinson, Melksham, Baker
In: Petty, Sparrow, Jones

I would make Baker the sub, thought he showed more effort than a few today and was able to spread a bit and win a few ground balls which halted North on occasions when they looked like they were going to kill us. Think Sparrow is a need with Viney out, there were several moments today where we really missed having someone who would just put their body on the line at the coal face. Thought Jones was important, just start him. Happy for Harmes or Chandler to come in instead of Sparrow, but think this year has really shown the value of having depth in the middle on game day. Maybe Baker isn’t the best option as the sub.

TMac has been too good this year up forward to move him just yet, now is the time to see what Petty can do given Tomlinson is out for the year. Was pox against the Hawks but did look better in the second half. Give him a few goes with both May and Lever and hopefully that allows us to continue being flexible with TMac. God knows today shows why McDonald should be kept in, worth his weight in gold structurally when he’s in any sort of decent touch.

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