Preview Changes vs GWS

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Imet Hassa

Senior List
Aug 18, 2016
AFL Club
So something like 20 changes in 3 or 4 games; yep gotta get that stabilised bonding happening. Can’t really criticise the ins or outs though, ‘cause really, whatcha gonna do?
Obviously GWS hold us in the highest regard given their number of changes.

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Club Legend
May 22, 2018
AFL Club
By the sound of things could be a 0-0 result.
It's obvious that neither team really wants to play finals.

At least if the dogs fall in they "might" be a chance of winning a final.

GWS are absolutely trash this year. It's like their forward 50 is lava.

Crusty Demon

Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2009
Ferntree Gully
AFL Club
Other Teams
Leeds United
Yeah, i don't care how bad GWS have been playing, if we get done the way we did to Swans and Freo, we ain't getting close to the Giants. Toby Greene and Cameron to kick 10 each and put us out of our misery finally.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 29, 2006
AFL Club
Tmac way out of favour. Brown playing forward makes more sense than Preuss. Good to see Jetta back. Hopefully he can find some form as things haven’t looked good for him. Spargo ahead of Bedford makes sense.
would like to see Hannan in the side. Also from sounds of Goodwin press conference Bennell a long term prospect. Was hoping to see him again this year but sounds like a big pre season coming up for him

can’t see us wining or getting close tonight. Only saving factor is the giants are playing like poo.

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