Do we have too many players over 30 years of age?

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Something like 8 players over 30 each week. Time to roughly halve that number and play younger players in order to develop the next top 4 team

Now that the flag defence is 90% over… I’d get Pendles to his 400…

Sooner than that I’d phase out Sidebottom, Mitchell and Howe and replace with younger players

Others like Cox, mihocek are structurally more difficult to replace… that will take time

I think Steene could offer enough in Cox's role. Did ok in preseason.
That’s the issue for me. I want great.

I really miss having a legitimate contested marking beast kicking goals or offering a ball out option down the line.

It makes me reminisce about Cloke and realise how harsh we all were. Particularly at the end.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Ditto with Pebbles and Tarrant show in 01 to 04. When they were up and about it was a joy to watch one of my best footy following years that team even despite lacking some talent across other lines it was a well put together 22 overall and entertaining at its peak.
Purely based on our last 3 games you would have to say Mitchell, Sidey are on shaky ground. Howe is also far from his best, and WHE played reasonably well, but hasn't come up and is always susceptible. Jamie not at his best but we still need him, as our forward line looks bereft of goalkickers. Mihocek hasn't got going at all this year. Pendles is the icon, the legend, going to be hard to make that call but it's coming soon. Cox probably plays out the season as Begg, Steene still some way off it.

Yeah I reckon Steene showed enough ro get games into him, it's not about this year with him but the experience long term will be invaluable.
Lots of teams have to bleed for their young rucks before they mature.

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