List Mgmt. Future Father Son prospects

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Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
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Arsenal, Chicago Bulls
Any chance of of draft year lol
Tried to compile a list based on what ever information I could find. If anyone could fill in the rest of the gaps, feel free to assist.

Matthew Rocca (2020)

Jackson Archer (2021)
Thomas Longmire (2021)
Darby Scott (2021)
Jai Makepeace (2021)

Dylan Makepeace (2022)
Cooper Harvey (2022)

Byron Pickett Jnr (2023)
Lucas Rocca (2023)
Billy Longmire (2023)

Ryder Makepeace (2024)
River Stevens (2024)
Sam Harris (2025)
Kayde Pickett (2025)
Owen Simpson (2025)
Archer Grant (2025)
Kai Schwass (2025)
Lucas McCartney (2025)
Aiden McCartney (2027)
Marcus Rocca (2027/2028)

James Rock [2022-2027] TBC
Will Crocker [2024-2027] TBC

Jack Petrie (2028)
[Unknown name] Rawlings (2029)
Hudson Harvey (2030)
Thomas Colbert (~2031)
Ryder Hansen (2031)
Lenny Firrito (2031)
Mason Sinclair (2032)
Lachlan Goldstein (2033)
Max Firrito (2034)
Xavier Cunnington (2034)
Sebastian Gibson (2034)
Jude Swallow (2035)
Cohen Thomas (2035)
Sonny Sinclair (2037)
Flynn Thompson (2037)
Carter Carey (2037)
Laker Hansen (2030+)
[Unknown name] Hansen (2030+)
[Unknown name] Cunnington (2040)

Jesse Motlop (2021) - Son of Daniel / Freo NGA
Ethan Abraham - Son of Winnie
Gary Abraham - Son of Winnie
[Unknown name] Abraham - Son of Winnie
Elijah Anderson (2030)
Jasiah Anderson (2031)
Archer Harvey (2025)
Jett Harvey (2028)
Slater Harvey (2031)
Louis Thompson (2021)
Benjamin Thompson (2023)
Jude Dal Santo (2033)
Hendrix Daw (2037)
Isaiah Hall (2038)
Riley Polec (2038)
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shinboner magic

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 17, 2007
melb home of the kangas
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Speaking of which, a very very good football judge I know (someone who was paid for years to analyse the game) was watching Carey's daughter play netball last night and was in raptures. Plays it like footy, clearly a cut above everyone else etc.

This would be Ella I assume, who is now 15/16 or so.

We need to get her over into the blue and white stripes.

Move over atley

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The Lisp Manager
Mar 25, 2002
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North Melbourne
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Isn’t Bailey’s younger brother in this years draft ?
Yes, Darby is eligible this year

Anyone have any clue where he might be rated in terms of rounds of the draft? I know it’s early days with no footy last year as well
He is not at the pointy end and realistically with no 2020 football much will depend on exposed form in NAB and School football this year

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