Greg Williams is not unique - Brownlow votes myth

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Disposals has became such a **** stat these days. Too much of stat padding, kick ins, 1 2s, kick off the ground

It should be effective disposal or ‘plays’ (no 1 2s)
I think 1 2s / give-and-gets / whatever you want to call them should actually be recorded as a stat. Don't get me wrong, i think they are important for a team as they draw the opposition and open up space, but it'd be interesting to see how many some players have had over a game/season/career.

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If Carey got 20 kicks against you, you were in trouble.
I had a look back through his best couple of years, as he never polled as well in the Brownlow as you'd think for someone so dominant, probably as he backchatted umpires a lot.

1998 was his best polling year (20) but there were some notable games where he didn't get a vote or full votes:

R2 - 23 touches, 9 marks, 3 goals, 0 votes (loss to Melbourne who got all six votes)
R4 - 26 touches, 12 marks, 1 goal, 0 votes (win over Brisbane)
R8 - 19 touches, 6 marks, 4 goals, 0 votes (win over Sydney)
R10 - 22 touches, 8 marks, 4 goals, 0 votes (loss to Geelong who got all six votes)
R13 - 19 touches, 9 marks, 4 goals, 1 vote (narrow loss to Hawthorn)
R14 - 20 touches, 7 marks, 1 goal, 0 votes (win over Essendon)
R15 - 26 touches, 12 marks, 6 goals, 2 votes (aforementioned win over St Kilda)
R21 - 28 touches, 9 marks, 5 goals, 2 votes (win over Adelaide)
R22 - 19 touches, 7 marks, 4 goals, 0 votes (win over Dogs to secure minor premiership)

1995 was the year he started as favourite, and he polled only 14 votes.

R1 - 17 touches, 7 marks, 2 goals, 0 votes (win over Adelaide)
R2 - 22 touches, 8 marks, 3 goals, 0 votes (win over Melbourne)
R6 - 25 touches, 13 marks, 4 goals, 2 votes (win over Hawthorn)
R7 - 33 touches, 14 marks, 3 goals, 1 vote (win over Brisbane)
R11 - 26 touches, 14 marks, 6 goals, 2 votes (win over Freo)
R12 - 21 touches, 9 marks, 3 goals, 0 votes (win over Brisbane)
R13 - 14 touches, 5 marks, 4 goals, 0 votes (win over St Kilda)
R14 - 23 touches, 14 marks, 3 goals, 0 votes (win over Collingwood)
R21 - 21 touches, 6 marks, 2 goals, 0 votes (win over Hawthorn)
R22 - 17 touches, 5 marks, 3 goals, 0 votes (win over Brisbane, albeit by 100+)

Given the winner (Kelly) polled 21, it's not too big a stretch to say he could have easily tied or won it. Some of those numbers are ridiculous for a guy playing CHF, and it's not like he got his numbers discreetly.


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Oct 24, 2015
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Why is this even a thread questioning his ability or something? The bloke spent two years working with Tom Mitchell and he won a brownlow at the end... he's been working with cripps all year no wonder his gone another level won't go down as the greatest of all time but he's one of the best


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Mar 16, 2011
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A freak. I've been watching since the mid 70s, he's as good as any midfielder I've seen and better than pretty much all of them.
So he was that good. I think I've heard that he could handball 40 metres before. Need to watch some highlights. Any player you can think of that's similar to him.


Mar 29, 2019
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This thread is cute but don’t kid yourself

Diesel was absolutely robbed in 93

A few agenda’s at play that year. The umpires dislike of Williams being only one of them....


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May 24, 2017
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I have watched footy for over six decades and admired a heap of champ centreman. None had the immense footy IQ of Diesel. The thirty and forty metre handpasses were no myth. He made umpteen team mates better players and oppo players look plain silly.

He was robbed in 93.

Someone mentioned his work with Tom Mitchell and Cripps. He also did a lot of work with Jobe Watson.
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