Toast Jack Riewoldt - Mr. Big Time

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Aug 18, 2009
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Seriously over the journey is there a Tiger who has delivered more consistently on the big stage than Jack?

- 4 goals tonight in a must win to secure a top 4 spot against the flag favourites
- 5 goals in a GF in 2019
- Kicked the winner in the game of the season against West Coast in 2019, ensuring us a top 4 spot
- 5 goals in our horror prelim against the Pies in 2018
- 3 massive goals in the 2017 grand final
- 4 goals in the horror North Melbourne elimination final

Doesn't matter how the team is going - Jack consistently rises to the top in the games that matter most. And all this against a background where his leadership wasn't always valued at the club. The pinnacle Richmond man

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Jul 1, 2011
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little story about our Jack. I had access to the rooms through my wife's work last year (for the Port Adelaide game at the G). We ended up taking my Tiger niece and (Pie :mad:) nephew. It was a weird experience because you have no access/contact with the players and your basically just watch them warm up before and shill after the game. The niece and nephew were a bit sad there was no autographs etc.....

....anyhow on the way back to Richmond station - who should we bump into... none other than Jack Riewoldt, walking back to his car. He was very gracious had his pick taken with the kids and happy to sign jumpers etc. Safe to say that there were two very very chuffed kids that night. That stuff is not easily forgotten.
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Aug 28, 2020
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It will be very interesting to see how the ball is brought forward into the forward line, now that there is no Lynch. We might go back to seeing the midfielders kicking the lion's share of Richmond's goals and more of the ball hitting the dirt on the way in.

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