Mitch Lewis is on the verge of big things

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Oct 5, 2023
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Barring injury, Mitchell Lewis is going to be one of the Premier forwards in The AFL. He's got experience under his belt now and you could see last season what his capable of. In the next year or two, this fella is going to be right up there with the very best forwards in the competition.
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He competes and presents, Hawks can build their forward line around him for the next 6-7 years.
A no 2 KPF would help a lot though.

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Big fan of his game, just needs a good run with injury. I'll be interested to see how he goes when he starts getting more double teams as his reputation grows. Think he has the tools to play well through it.
Very good footballer.

Unfortunately though his body continues to let him down. Unless that changes he’s not going to be the player many think he’s capable of becoming.

At 25 time is running out for him but it’s not impossible to turn things around at that age.

I don’t really understand these sorts of comments.

Was it meant to be funny? Or just ignorant?

Port would love Lewis inside forward 50, as many clubs would.

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Implication was not that I cannot read, was that I wouldn't know him if I fell over him.
Averaged 2.5 goals a game when fit in the past two years which would make him the number 1 forward at most clubs
I'm expecting big things from him this year. Wouldn't surprise me if he was in the top 3 goal scorers.
Would be surprising to me. Expect more of a CHF role which he is better at and Chol deeper
Id happily have him for even 15 games is a gun, hard to split him and Larkey for talent. Larkey broke out last season with a big year expecting the same from Lewis this year. If Chol can play some good games and split the defenders attention may help him even more.
The funny thing about him is he seems like such a wholesome boy off the field. For a while I thought he might be too nice to be a gorilla KF. But then he started crashing packs and not giving a f*** who got in his way, which is exactly what we needed....
Given his injury history, he would be better off coming to the Pies to have it sorted out.

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