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Sep 12, 2015
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Cherries, Glory, Marítimo, Raptors
Double round-robin, followed by a 32-team best-of-5 series finals? :p

Seriously, I barely can wait! It will be awesome.
In my mind, and this is all subject to change, but hoping for a 64 team tournament, with a single round robin, followed by a 48 team staggered knockout finals series, with higher placed teams (1st & 2nd) advancing a round ahead of lower placed teams (3rd-6th).

The first round of 3rd-6th will be standard home vs away depending on the higher ranked team, but will likely have to randomise from there and do two legged finals (home vs away and away vs home), with the standard home vs home final.

It’s hard to really plan without final numbers though, so gotta stay agile and wait to see how many submissions come through by the deadline.

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