News New Sydney logo leaked

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Club Legend
May 30, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
I don't disagree with any of this, especially the bulb/"swandrop" logic in the first dot point.

Just curious, what did you think of Sydney's previous font? It was definitely a unique one in the sporting world, but would you have classed that as a sports club font?
It used to be bold and narrow but that’s because the whole Sydney Swans needed to fit. It works well but these days with logos being viewed so small, it’s impossible to have the full Sydney swans written.

It looks like the Sydney board wanted to keep the old font but it wouldnt fill the space now there is less text, so they have found a stretched version of the old font, added in some too-small-to-see indents on a few letters.

the Sydney word on the new logo doesn’t even sit the same length as the V.


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